Garage Organization – 5 Tips For A More Usable Space

Garage Organization - 5 Tips For A More Usable Space

Are you having trouble opening the car door after you park your car in your garage? Are you even able to park your car in the garage at all? Do you have trouble walking around your garage without bumping into something or stubbing your toe on some stuff you have lying around? If you do, you definitely are not the only one going through this. 1 in 4 Americans are unable to fit a car in the garage because it is too cluttered. If this person is you, then you know that you need to do something about it and that’s what we’re for. With the help of garage organization orange county, we will give you ideas to help you out.

Hanging Rail System

Do you have gardening tools littered throughout your garage? Are you constantly stepping on them? Do you have trouble finding your tools? If so, a hanging rail storage system can really help keep your tools neat and organized in your garage. Then, you can actually use the space underneath the hanging tools to place your mower or wheelbarrow. You can even use hanging rail systems for sports equipment such as baseball bats.

Sell Some Stuff

The classic garage sale, it may be cliche, but there is a reason that this method has been used as long as we can remember. If you have junk that you do not use just laying around the garage, you can always sell it. It’s also never been easier to do a garage sale either. No more standing outside with a sign that says “garage sale”, unless you want to do it the old fashioned way. You can simply post your items for sale on all of the popular selling apps available for your mobile device and end up with a neater garage and a heftier pocket.

Ceiling Storage

You may have thought about the space on your walls as a means of storge. However, have you ever thought about using your ceiling space to store your stuff? You can actually even build a ceiling storage space yourself if you want to. A major plus of ceiling storage spaces is that you can park your car right under it. Ceiling storage just frees up so much space by utilizing a part of the room that would otherwise probably not get used at all.

Throw Away Those Paint Cans

Do you still have cans of paint sitting around your garage? Are you using them? Are you saving them in case you need to do some retouching? Another option that you have is taking a photo of the paint can label and placing a dab of paint on the lid as a reference to the color you were using. That way, you will be able to get rid of the paint can and have a record of the color that you used for retouching purposes. Just remember to take the cans to a hazardous waste site when you are done.

Build or buy a shed

Building a shed has been a popular option for a long time as well and for good reason. You can save so much space by simply storing your items outside of the house and outside of the garage. You could potentially store everything in the shed and completely repurpose your garage. This can make things quite easy once you get that shed put in place.

You now have some tips that you can use to better organize your garage, so get started on building that garage of your dreams.

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