Foreigners Seek Affordable Knee Replacement Surgery In India

India is becoming the fastest growing medical centre for the world. The growth of top hospitals in the metros of India has ushered in an era of well-being for those needing urgent medical treatment. One such treatment many of them seek is the knee replacement surgery.

Cost of knee replacement surgery

 In this, the knee of the patient is operated upon and the damaged parts are removed. Synthetic parts replace it either in part or entirely. The total knee replacement (TKR) cost in the US is about $49,500. A partial knee replacement (PKR) will cost about $44,000. The cost of knee replacement in India is Rs1.7 lakhs for unilateral TKR and Rs3.5 lakhs for bilateral TKR. So, you can see it is 15-20 times cheaper in India.

Look for the signs

 Most of the patients wait until it is too late. The best way forward is to check with the hospital as soon as you see one or more of the symptoms of knee injury through joint disease. You need a knee replacement surgery if you show these symptoms.

  • Severe pain in the knee that prevents you from doing your daily work
  • You get pain when you walk up the stairs
  • At times, the pain prevents you from reading, listening to the television, and even doing normal chores
  • The pain prevents you from sleeping

At present, the knee implants last for 10-15 years. The prognosis for the patient is generally good. Very few patients develop complications or infections after surgery. You can discuss your conditions with the surgeon and find out the best solution for your case. The determining question is whether the pain has stopped you from performing well in your life.

Proceeding with the surgery

 When the patient does not respond to physiotherapy or medication, meaning that the pain does not recede, then one must consider surgery as an option. The two main things they do in the surgery are these. First, they remove the damaged portion of the cartilage and the tibia. They prepare the surface of the bone. A small portion of the underlying bone is also removed. Next, they make sure that the position of the metal implant is right. This metal implant is press fit or cemented into place.

Given the low cost of the knee replacement surgery cost in India and the wonderful infrastructure available for undergoing surgery, most of the foreigners use the chance to make India their destination for the medical treatment. The range of facilities and the quality of the medical treatment stand out in India. The best medical fraternity selects the optimum treatment making fast recovery a priority.

When you select a hospital, everything is taken care of. This means you do not have to worry about things like the transportation, medication, and health food needed for the treatment, pre-surgery tests, stay options for your relatives, and all that. Only internationally acclaimed surgeons give the treatment, so you are assured of the high standard of the treatment.

Get in touch with the hospital and fix your appointment with the doctor. They will advise you on the best course to adopt. The hospital will assist you in getting accommodation, arranging visas, and in setting up the appointment.

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