Life In London: Shortcuts For New Londoners

Life In London: Shortcuts For New Londoners

When you move to London for the first time, it can be completely overwhelming. It’s one of the biggest cities in the world, one of the most expensive, and finding a way to make a life in the cracks of what is, at least at one level, an international financial services machine, takes some time.

Today we’re presenting a few shortcuts to getting comfortable with your life in London to help you feel happy and at home here!

Take the Stress Out of Moving House

Moving house is something you may well have to get used to when you move to London. The property market is centred on letting, and favours landlord far more than tenants, so large price rises when annual contracts renew can be expected, or the decision to sell and displace you from your home can leave you with little recourse.

Take the sting out of it a little by looking for cheap storage in London. A storage company can keep your belongings safe, and leave you less panicked by a need for a sudden move. You know you’ll be able to stay with friends, on sofas and in spare rooms and your precious possessions will be ready to rehome once you’ve found the perfect place to live.

Mastering the Tube

London is a tricky city to get round. There are plenty of transport options, but picking the right one can difficult: there are 11 tube lines, a tangled mess of overground services, national rail lines snaking through the city, and buses, trams and boats not to mention the Cable Car.

Check some regular journeys in advance so you know exactly what you’re doing when you go to work in the morning. You can also use apps like CityMapper to optimise your travel times and get where you’re going.

It’s also worth taking the time to walk the route of some of your regular trips. Walking home from work a few times is not only healthy it helps you get to know the area, and find alternative transport arrangements you can put into action in the event of strikes or technical problems.

Finding Friends

Developing a network of local friends is a vital way of making your part of London feel like home. Even if you have friends through work, or who have moved to the city over time, this can still leave the city feeling somewhat impersonal. Making new friends who live close to you is a vital way of getting comfortable. Try joining a local club or society, whether it’s for amateur theatre, a book group or a football team!

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