Why the CBD Business is Booming

CBD is a cannabinoid — one of more than 100 chemicals within the hemp plant that cause marijuana’s various effects on our minds and bodies. While the vast majority of its peers are still relatively obscure, CBD has quickly become as famous as (if not more so than) THC, the cannabinoid that is primarily responsible for marijuana’s high. Unlike THC, though, CBD is non-psychoactive and will not get you high on its own. Still, CBD has become a nationwide phenomenon, and here are a few reasons why.

CBD has likely health benefits

CBD is good for us. It’s responsible for many of marijuana’s medicinal properties, experts say, which is why CBD can be prescribed by doctors in some states. CBD is also, of course, in medical marijuana — along with all of the rest of the cannabinoids.

CBD can help people with anxiety, some studies suggest, and it may help people relax regardless of whether or not they have anxiety. Many of CBD’s users believe that what the studies suggest is clearly true: They feel better and more at ease when they enjoy a dose of CBD. It’s a clear-headed effect, of course, as CBD does not make people high.

CBD is legal and widely available

A great thing about CBD from a business owner’s perspective, say experts at CBD supplier Stock CBD Supplements, is that CBD is widely legal in the United States. It can be sold in the same health and lifestyle shops that sell other over-the-counter supplements and natural health products. It can be infused into coffees, beers, and cocktails. It can also be turned into gummies and other edibles.

CBD is all the rage in states with legal marijuana, but it’s quite popular outside of those states, too. For many Americans, CBD is the only legal route to marijuana’s health benefits.

Health and lifestyle businesses are thriving

CBD is part of a larger and positive trend: Americans are caring more about their health lately. For much of our nation’s history, Americans have paid little-to-no attention to their diets, exercise habits, and supplement intake. The consequences have been disastrous — Americans are notoriously overweight and unhealthy — but the tide is turning.

As those of us in the health and lifestyle business know, things are looking better and better for Americans, their health, and for the businesses that help them reach their health goals. Health and fitness have turned into a trillion-dollar industry, and the CBD craze is just the latest sign that Americans are paying attention to what they put in their bodies.

Hemp products are becoming a bigger and bigger deal

The health industry is flourishing, as is the marijuana industry. The newly-legal marijuana markets in the United States have led to an absolute explosion in businesses and profits. The growth of the legal marijuana industry has been staggering: experts say the business space will be worth more than $145 billion by 2025.

And with the rise of marijuana has come the rise of many related products. There’s a bigger market than ever for bongs, vape pens, and, of course, edibles. And there is also a market for pure cannabinoids, too. In states where marijuana is legal, that includes THC. But it includes CBD virtually everywhere.

CBD is a phenomenon at the center of some big trends. This is a huge moment of opportunity for health and lifestyle businesses, and a huge chance for Americans everywhere to improve their lives and health. Don’t miss it!

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