Finding The Best Car Accident Lawyer In Toledo

Accidents involving cars claim tens of thousands of lives every year in the United States; the number of injuries is even higher. Human error, natural events, and mechanical problems are the main reasons behind these catastrophic numbers.

Some accidents will need you to have legal representation. The reasons may vary, such as when there is a violation of specific laws or in cases where out of court negotiations may be necessary. A Toledo car accident lawyer will be of great importance in the event you are in one of these unfortunate situations.

What are the situations that will require the services of a car accident lawyer? These are the possible situations and the services that the legal practitioner will offer. It is important to note that there are two major causes of accidents from these we can have a broad perspective of the categories specific car accidents fall under.

  • Human error
  • Mechanical errors
  • Natural events

Human error

Accidents that result from human error are blamed on the mistakes made by the drivers and other road users.

Distracted driving

This accounts for the most number of road accidents in the united states compared to other causes. Distracted driving often compromises concentration when driving. It is caused by eating when driving, using cell phones, and drinking from mugs or bottles.

Driving under the influence of alcohol and other substances

This is always almost certain of causing accidents most of them lethal or leading to severe injuries. It involves driving while under the influence of intoxicating substances such as alcohol and drugs.


Speeding is the second highest cause of accidents, most of which result in serious injuries or fatalities. A simple increase in speed can increase the chances of a severe accident.

Reckless driving

Failure to observe traffic rules can pose a great danger to the driver and other road users. Reckless driving is usually inspired by impatience or driving under the influence of substances (DUI).

Mechanical errors.

Mechanical errors are mainly blamed on the manufacturer of automobiles. This may range from brake failures of new cars, engine problems. The car electronic systems may fail without warning. The traffic light may sometimes fail, therefore leading to severe accidents.

Natural events
Other factors that are to blame are natural reasons such as rain which is the leading cause of accidents in North America. Rains reduce the visibility of the drivers and at the same time making roads very slippery exposing the vehicles to the possibility of skidding.

Other natural events include earthquakes, tornadoes, typhoons, flooding, and landslides. To avoid accidents during such events, it is important to avoid driving.

How a car accident lawyer comes into play

Car accident lawyers will help you with the legal aspects of the accident. They are dedicated to making sure that your human rights and a road user are respected. If other road users or drivers were at fault in case of an accident, these lawyers would make sure that you are fully compensated if need be.


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