Here’s What Could Happen if You Don’t Wear a Motorcycle Helmet

There’s a reason why motorcycles have a reputation of being dangerous. Crashes are, unfortunately, rather common — even for the most experienced rider. Even if you aren’t the daredevil type and you would never dream of taking your bike on a “demon ride,” you’re likely to experience a minor mishap or two during your lifetime. The health information exchange provides a wealth of facts and statistics about motorcycle-related injuries and fatalities, so you can stay well informed.

On the bright side, as long as you know the risks and consent to the possibility of a crash, you’re likely to stay safe. Exercise caution, and learn how to use your bike appropriately. Despite the stigma surrounding them, motorcycles come equipped with all the tools necessary to prevent serious injury in the case of an accident, from grippy tires to extremely powerful brakes that ensure you can stop on a dime.

Most bikers who are rational and clear-headed while riding find that they can avoid most serious accidents simply by staying alert. And when they do get in a scrape, it’s likely to give them a bad case of gravel rash or a few bruises, but not a life-altering injury.

Common reasons for accidents

The most common motorcycle accident is caused when a car ahead of you turns left. Since drivers aren’t always prepared to notice motorcyclists on the road, they might be caught off guard and fail to notice you. According to RideApart, psychology accounts for the reason why drivers perceive an absence of other cars, rather than the presence of a different type of moving vehicle. Your motorcycle doesn’t always register. This means it’s up to you to be aware of the presence of the car, even if they don’t seem to be acknowledging your bike.

Another extremely common reason why motorcyclists end up in the hospital is turning too fast on a sharp corner. Just like when learning to drive a car, wide turns are the most challenging. Be sure you’re aware of how much space you have and how far you’re veering into the opposite lane.


Knowing that two of the most common reasons for accidents are very trivial, what can you do to prevent disaster? Simply put: Wear your helmet. While motorcycle nerds tend to be naturally adventurous and prone to thrill-seeking, there is no reason, especially in today’s culture, to view helmeting as an embarrassing or shameful topic.

Fox Racing helmets and other helmets manufactured and distributed by popular brands, are more than simple accessories for motorcyclists. They are crucial. Otherwise, you may end up in one of the following situations.

Head and neck injuries

The largest percentage of non-fatal motorcycle injuries occur to the legs and feet. The statistics suggest that around 30 percent of injuries are to the extremities. On the other hand, 22 percent of injuries presented in hospitals nationwide are to the head and neck. Although the percentage is lower, the injuries are typically much more severe, with some requiring emergency surgery and others causing death.

Riders who refuse to wear helmets are in much greater danger of sustaining a traumatic brain injury, breaking their neck, or suffering a spinal cord injury. Unsurprisingly, unhelmeted riders make up the vast majority of motorcycle-related fatalities, but the research has revealed more information than the common biker knows, in the form of detailed, peer-reviewed studies about helmeted versus unhelmeted injuries.

A Distribution of Injury Severity Score (ISS) graph designed by the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine (AAAM) revealed, in shocking detail, how much more likely unhelmeted riders are to present with life-threatening injuries to the head and neck.

Wearing a helmet is a simple and effective way to protect yourself — and ultimately your life— while on the road.

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