Top Tips on Making Money with WordPress

If you are tired of working for someone else and you are finally ready to start your own business, then you might want to try WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for managing your content. However, this is not all that it can do. It can also allow you to make money on it! Totally cool right?

It is open to so many people as far as you know just how to use it. Writers, consultants and even marketers can all strike gold with WordPress if they put in the effort. Here are some things which they would find very exciting.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the ways in which people around the world today make money is Affiliate marketing. This is all about pasting links in order to promote another person’s content or product and getting paid for it. Most people who use affiliate marketing receive what they refer to as commission as payment. Getting your links in by integrating your website with WordPress is one way in which you can earn money using WordPress. So if you have not already, just make sure that you have all your affiliate marketing plugin. This would help to make the process better.

WordPress e-commerce

You can use WordPress to sell whatever you want to the world. There is just so much that can be done and sold with WordPress e-commerce. Selling on WordPress is also easy when using Printify. This is easy to integrate your WordPress with printify and get to sell a whole lot of print on demand items. In case you are wondering what printify is, this is print on demand platform which is linked to woocommerce. With the help of WordPress, you would be able to put all new products that you intend to sell on your WordPress e-commerce with minimum fuss.

WordPress Blogger

The world of blogging takes another turn when it is used in connection with WordPress. It is just so much you can do with your WordPress. For example, you can become a news blogger. You can discuss the various changes which take place on WordPress such as the release of new patches and plugins. Some other people have also found a lot of fun in becoming a WordPress tutorial blogger. If this is what you plan to do, you can communicate with the rest of the community that uses WordPress through manuals or in some cases videos.

You can teach others about the various tools which can help them to utilize the opportunities which are available on WordPress better.

Sales Person

You can also sell things using WordPress platforms. For example, if you want to sell a subscription box or anything using WordPress, you would have to use an e-commerce website. To determine the best among the best e-commerce platforms to sell on WordPress, you would need to search the Internet extensively or just read this LetsTalkAboutMoney report. The truth is that selling has never been easier with WordPress.

WordPress Interviewer

Are you in a good place with the various professionals and experts who have made WordPress their home? If you are, the WordPress interviewer would definitely fit you. If you become a WordPress interviewer, your job would be to interview people and find many interesting things about them. If you are someone who loves to discover new things or you are just plain curious, then you would quickly discover that this would be the best job for you.


If you are into writing and you are wondering what you could do with WordPress, then you would really find podcasting really interesting. If you are someone who loves to avoid the limelight and yet, you are capable of giving a great arousing speech, then being a podcaster on WordPress would be perfect for you. If you own podcast, it is advisable that you narrow down your topics to the ones that are enjoyed by your listeners.

Clearly, WordPress has so much to offer people regardless of where you come from in the world today. All it takes to use WordPress to its full potential is knowledge and determination. If you have both things, you would be able to tap into a whole new world using WordPress.

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