Top 5 Bus Booking Websites In India

Top 5 Bus Booking Websites In India

Traveling is now made easier through an online booking system. Everyday travel is not so convenient, especially when you are coming from a far place going to the city. But through online booking systems in India, you can now make your travel as convenient as it can get. It will help you make your travel without hassle. To help you out, here are some top bus- booking websites you can use online.

Top 5 Bus Booking Websites In India

  1. Redbus

Redbus is the most popular online booking website you can get. It has a zero booking charge which will help you in your travel costs. Also, it has lowest fares available compared to when not using an online booking website. Rebus is also known for its convenience because it offers cash payment options for buses in the major cities. You can use Redbus bus coupons to help you get a discount. There is also Redbus promo code and Redbus coupons code available for you to use in CouponDekho. Aside from that, there is a Redbus hotel promo code you can use when booking for hotels.

  1. Goibibo

Goibibo is another top booking website in India. Through this website you can book a single trip, round trip and also a bus + hotel option to use. There are also available discounts to use on your first trip using Goibibo. They also offer the quickest payment transaction which will make your travel without difficulty. You can also see here some travel packages you can avail of discount which makes it a good choice.


Abhibus is also one of the most popular travel booking websites in India. This is because it allows you to book travel to and from your offices. Therefore, you do not have to hail a cab every morning just to get the convenience you do not get when using public transport vehicles. It has over 15000 routes which have made it one of India’s fastest growing ticketing companies found online. You can also use their mobile application to make your booking.

  1. MyBusTickets

MyBusTickets is known for being one of the pioneers in online ticketing portals. It has a better and more user friendly interface which will help you to book your bus tickets without being too complicated. You can use credit or debit cards when paying online for a faster and smoother transaction. With its navigation types, you can view what are your preferences when it comes to your travel. It also has an excellent customer service which will make it a good choice for your travel.

  1. eTravelsmart

This belongs to the top lists of websites where you can get a better online booking system. It is known for its convenience through the preferences you can choose from as you book your travel. You can also see other options such as seats, insurance, seat availability, name on a seat, Google maps, and other details you might need to know about your destination. Surely, it is one of the choices for smart travel booking.

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