Dealership Or Locksmith For Car Keys?

If you find yourself in a need of a key fob replacement, what would you do? Do you know your options? Is it possible to get a brand new key for without getting the whole key? Fortunately, it’s most certainly possible. But your local car dealership is not the only option you for key fob replacement. Instead, you can save lot of time and money by going to a reputable local automotive locksmith.

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Car dealership is not the best option as they would charge you in the range of 70 to 100 dollars or even more for a key fob replacement. If you also need also need a new transponder chip key, then charges can easily swell to 250 dollars or more. On the top of that, they may also charge you labor fee to program your transponder chip key and key fob. The best way to avoid paying arm and leg for all these services is to buy a new key fob on the Internet and then go to local locksmith for programming assistance.

You can also purchase replacement car keys from your locksmith. A locksmith also uses the same equipment as car dealership but will charge almost half the price for replacement key. Some of them can even come to you. When getting your car key replaced, you must ensure that chip inside it is programmed properly. You should always test your new key before leaving the locksmith or as soon as you reach home with new key. Contact your locksmith immediately if you have any problem in starting the car or unlocking its door. If there is any problem in starting the are, then there are some programming issues or in cutting the key, and you may have to get the replacement car key replaced again.

Many locksmiths also sell key fob replacements to their customers. Then you can follow the instructions on your car’s owner manual to program this new key fob yourself. If you can’t do that part, you can simply take this fob to a local locksmith for help. Even if you’ve bought the new key fob from car dealership you can still save money of having a dealer program it by calling your locksmith for assistance.

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When you buy a new fob, you must double check whether your existing or old car key fob has a transponder chip embedded in it. Many cars use keys with transponder chips to reduce any likelihood of car theft. As soon as car’s microchip detects that car key has been inserted into the ignition, it immediately sends a signal to the transponder. If transponder fails to responder the special radio frequency ID signal, then car won’t start. Thus even if any thief tries to hot wire your car, they won’t be able to drive it anywhere without its transponder chip.

Knowing whether your car key has a transponder chip is important before you go to any locksmith to replace key fob. Cars made since late 1990’s do have transponder chips embedded in them. If this is the case with your keys, then you need to be aware of this fact when creating new key fobs or keys. If you’re having new key fob made and would be using it just to open or close the car doors, then it really doesn’t matter if it has the proper transponder chip embedded or not. However, if you’re replacing a fob with head attached to the key you use to drive, then it’s necessary to have the proper transponder chip.

You can buy transponder key blanks from your locksmith or online on many sites. Programming a key fob is different from programming a transponder key, and it’s a complicated procedure that you cannot perform on your own. Not all automotive locksmiths have the capability to program transponder chips, so make sure you fine one in your area who can actually help you with both your transponder and fob.

Find the best price from the most professional and reputable locksmith and you’re likely to find a replacement key for your car at a great price. Note down the model, make and VIN number of the car and give it to the person programming your keys. Authenticate the reliability of the locksmith before you give private information to program the car keys. The Federal government has recently issued warnings about many locksmith frauds and you may find yourself subject to a big scam if you are not careful.

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