How To Apply For Boarding School Admissions

How To Apply For Boarding School Admissions

Finding a boarding school for your child is itself a huge task. But once a proper school is found the one should start the process of selection.

An admission process in a boarding school always follows some proper rules and regulations. One needs to maintain that. Otherwise, things can go haywire. Here are the basic rules that parents and their child needs to follow when they are applying for it.

Submit your application before the deadline

 Never wait for the last moment to submit the application. It is not at all a good idea. Always make sure that the admission folder is completed way before the deadline of the admission. In every boarding school, the admission staffs are very well organised and they are detailed oriented. So it is always appreciable to complete the application folder with proper care and concern. Then the school staffs will start their review process only if the file is properly complete. Many schools have a fixed date of admission deadline. One needs to rake care of that.

 Give recommendation forms to your child’s teachers early

 Do not hand over the teachers’ recommendation form to the teachers only a week before they are due. This does not look good at all. Also do not ever forget to put a stamp on the return envelope. The teachers will always appreciate a parent’s thoughtfulness. Also, recommendation forms do take a lot of time and care to complete. So the teachers will need good amount of time to complete them. So it is a good idea to give them proper time.

 Schedule testing a month or more before the deadlines

 The last minute registrations can be done, but they are not at all recommended. One can only do that if they have no alternatives. It is a good idea to bookmark the test schedule to get easy references. Also one should buy the practice materials. Parents can also hire a tutor if they think that their child needs some extra help regarding that test.  Admission test scores can give the admissions staffs some reliable guidance on what your child has learnt. Also test scores hold a lot of importance.

Speak to coaches a year in advance if applying for a team sport

If you want your child to be a part of the varsity team then you should start the process as early you can.  The parents need to develop relationships with the coaching staff so that your child can settle their easily. Now it is dependent on your child that on which sports they will be comfortable in. Some can be good in swimming, some can be in hockey and some can be in football. So they will need coaching for some high level of guidance.

 Apply for financial aid well in advance

This has to be done with proper time in hand if one needs this seriously. This thing and its decision are taken separately than the admission process. Because there are always limited pull of funds.

Boarding school admissions consultants can help thoroughly in this.

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