Decoding The What, How and Who Of WordPress Web Hosting

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMSes (Customer Management System) and according to a survey powers over 25% of the websites all over the globe.

WordPress hosting is a service provided by WordPress where all the administrative aspects of running a WordPress website are managed by a web host.

How is WordPress Hosting useful?

WordPress hosting is a platform that is both robust and secure. Moreover, as the name suggests, WordPress hosting is the best choice to opt from all other hosting types like Shared or VPS as its plans are created to host and support WordPress websites. Both the hardware and software component of the hosting plan are tailormade to support the WordPress website.

WordPress gives its users access to several plugins, free themes and also allows users to add powerful features to their website with just a few clicks. Apart from this WordPress is highly secure as well as the there are plenty customization options for your website.

Who will benefit from WordPress Hosting?

WordPress web hosting is comparatively cheaper than other hosting services. A starting WordPress hosting plan can be as low as $4.95 a month. Also, WordPress as a blogging platform is free and open source; so all you pay for is purchasing the domain name and the WordPress web hosting.

WordPress caters to all, whether you are beginners in the web world or someone who runs  large businesses. Choosing the right plan, is what makes all the difference. So let’s see the types of WordPress hosting services;

Types of WordPress Hosting

There are 4 type of WordPress web hosting plans available:

1.    WordPress on Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the most popular WordPress hosting plans. It is relatively cheaper and chosen by beginners who are launching their very first website. In Shared WordPress hosting, several websites share the same server simultaneously.

2.    Managed WordPress Hosting

            Managed WordPress hosting, as the name suggests is completely managed and the user doesn’t have to worry about anything at all. It is broad and offers solutions to small and large businesses alike. Managed WordPress hosting plans are faster but on the flip side considerably costlier.

3.    WordPress on VPS Hosting

            VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In this hosting plan, a physical server is partitioned into multiple servers in accordance with the individual needs and WordPress can be installed by the user in a completely isolated environment. VPS plan works best for sites with medium traffic. It is cheaper than Dedicated server but costlier than a Managed solution.

4.    WordPress on Dedicated Hosting

            Dedicated Hosting plans are generally for sites that significantly high traffic to an extent that choosing any other hosting option might compromise on the performance. WordPress can be installed on a Dedicated Server where a physical server is completely leased from the hosting provider.

Features of WordPress Web Hosting

Now that we’ve seen the different types of WordPress hosting, let us now have a look at the features that this web hosting service offers;

  • Premium: Premium WordPress themes and one click Installation.
  • Increased Speed: WordPress hosting servers are configured for WordPress websites and offer blazing fast speed. Even with a lot of traffic the speed is not affected.
  • Backup: WordPress web hosting service offers daily backup.
  • Uptime: WordPress web hosting servers are hardly ever down. Usually the Uptime is 99.9%
  • Update: Since the website is hosted on WordPress servers, the updates are automatic, frequent and integration is seamless. This also enhances the security.

Why should you opt  for WordPress Hosting?

WordPress web hosting caters to different sets of audiences with its varied hosting plans. Also along with it, it provides good support, low or no downtime, Automatic WordPress CMS updates, regular backups, version control and more.

Should you wish to have a hassle free hosting experience, WordPress web hosting is the one to go for.


At the end, choosing the right WordPress hosting plan, completely depends on what kind of a website you are managing and the amount of traffic you get. If you are looking for overall good performance, resource availability and utilization as well as security for your WordPress website, then WordPress hosting is the plan you should choose. WordPress web hosting is like having things on your terms and conditions – the possibilities are many and waiting to be explored.

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