How to Maintain Ceiling Fan Properly?

We should properly maintain the ceiling fan and it is a part of making the house working properly. With appropriate installation, the maintenance of our fan can be easier. When we purchase a fan, we may obtain a set of instructions about proper maintenance. Some instructions can be detailed and very complete, with enough graphics and written description. However, it is possible that we get limited information, so it is impossible for us to get the repair job properly completed. As an example, we may need to consider the proper wiring connection and there are safety issues that we need to consider. Wiring can be complicated and even dangerous for the inexperienced. If in doubts, we should use common sense, especially if we don’t get enough construction to do something.

How to Maintain Ceiling Fan Properly

Properly installed fan will need less maintenance requirements. However, improver installation may cause the more prove to vibration and wobbling, reducing its expected lifetime. Regular maintenance could help us improper installation issues and we will be able to correct them. In fact, after making sure that the fan is properly installed, the apparent maintenance issues can be few and far between. Before winter, it is a good idea to perform maintenance on our reversible ceiling fan. During the winter, air needs to be brought downward, forcing the warmer air in the ceiling down. Before winter and summer, we will need to change the rotation and before we do that, it is time for the scheduled maintenance.

In this situation, we will need to use the stepladder to wash the blades, especially on the top side. While we are up there, it is a good idea to check the plate that is attached to the ceiling. We should make sure that it is still firmly attached. If it is not, then we get another job in store. If we need to detach the plate from the ceiling and re-attach it properly and firmly; we may need to remove the motor housing and blades. Before putting the motor and blades back, we should make sure that the plate is attached firmly. Some cleaning material could stain or mar the blade surface, especially if it is very dirty. Porous surface, such as wood will need special cleaning procedure and solutions. In some cases, it isn’t really necessary to soak the blade, because it should be enough to remove the accumulated dust.

Significant accumulation of dust may reduce the overall airflow and the whole fan may work less efficiently. Depending on the surface of our blade, it is a good idea to consider using furniture polish. In this case, the blade could look better and the overall efficiency can be improved. Whatever we do, we should reduce the amount of air resistance. Before we go back down, we could turn on the fan and listen for signs of wobbling, unusual noises and vibration. This will make sure that we don’t need re-attach the plate in the future.

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