How Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help You Face The Assault Case Charges?

When you are charged with a criminal offense, the first smart thing to do is hire a criminal attorney. Even if you are guilty, you will need their assistance to get bail, and for contesting the charges in the court.

From the time a case is filed against you, you will be made to attend many proceedings, procedures, etc. With the help of lawyers, you can know for the fact that you are at good hands, because they will guide you through every step.


Assault is a type of criminal act that will result with serious charges. If you are charged with crime regarding the assault, then the possible charges will be 1 year of prison, and also the fine of up to $1000.

The Crime is Conducted in Three Ways

  • Unlawful act that is unintentional
  • A threat with reasonable reasons
  • Threatening the victims.

Sentences and Penalties

Simple assault comes under the list of second-degree misdemeanor. No matter what degree the type of assault might be, the perpetrator will always be charged with prison time, for certain time duration. Also, they will be fined for an amount of few hundreds to thousands of dollars.

However, the criminal act can never be gotten rid of from your legal record. That can make it difficult for you to obtain a decent job. Some states offer the option of wiping the slate clean and starting afresh, but only for people with the record of minor criminal acts.

However, the process is not only time consuming, but might also cost more dollars than what you can afford. Hence, it is always wise to hire criminal lawyers immediately when you are charged with criminal acts.

How Criminal Attorneys Can Help You

The attorneys start their work to defend you, as soon as you hire them. When you are arrested on the charges against you, the officer who takes you into the custody will read the statements during the arrest. You can know here that you will be provided with the right to hire a lawyer to defend your case.

Once you hire one, the attorney will make sure that no questions are asked. They will arrive at the detention center to see if the officers are behaving in a lawful manner with you or not. You can always consult criminal defense attorneys in San Antonio to know about the legal rights, after being arrested.

How to find a Good Lawyer:

Most of the attorneys practice criminal law either as an exclusive subject of interest, or along with other areas of expertise. You can find many solicitors with the experience in handling the cases that are similar to that of yours. Some lawyers will even offer few free sessions during the initial discussions, where you will be educated about some important rights and rules about going through the assault related cases.

Hiring the assault attorneys has many perks. They will make you understand about the severity of the case, and also provide insight about the proceedings till then. The main goal of any lawyer is to make you understand about the ways to successfully face the questioning sessions and the court proceedings. They will first work towards bailing you out, and thereafter they will challenge the charges.

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