Top 5 Instances When Musicians Should Hire A Music Lawyer

Musicians have the unique ability to make money by turning their talent into a career, but it is extremely important for musicians of all types to legally protect the music they create.

Musicians should hire a music lawyer when:

1. Writing work for somebody else to perform

Did you know that Pharrell Williams has written and produced much of the hit music that has played in movies and on the radio for the past decade?  Most people can easily recognize the music by the singer, but most do not realize many singers do not write their own songs.  Song writers should have extremely detailed contracts written by a music lawyer to protect their interests.

There must be a clear definition of what the singer can be recognized for and can be paid for, versus what the song writer will receive.  Without legal advice, a song writer can easily remain invisible and lose out on substantial royalties.

2. Performing live in a professional setting

Singers need to be fully aware of what they are obligated to do and what they will receive for their work when they perform in a professional setting.  If a musician is hired to play for a crowd in a venue, they need to know their rights and the rights of their music. They need to know if their music is allowed to be recorded or if the venue will use the performance for their own advertising purposes later. If they do, does the musician receive royalties each time their music is played on a commercial?

3. Signing a contract

The thing about contracts is that they are binding.  They also have a lot of fine print and often contain confusing legalize.  A music lawyer will full explain the contract, help you write a contract, or help you revise a contract.  I advise that musicians engage my services as music lawyer any time a contract is involved.  Signing a bad contract or failing to understand all the terms can cause significant problems in the future.

4. Protecting intellectual property

What is intellectual property?  It is an idea.  Can you protect an idea? You sure can!  Imagine having a hit song that you are working on, discussing the details with an acquaintance, and seeing them go on to use and make money from your idea. This is a sad reality for many musicians, but it doesn’t have to happen to you.  Creative Law Network will protect your intellectual property.  Ask us how today.

5. Before allowing theater or production companies to use your music during their own production

Most of the movies that you see today have used the music of another artist.  The success of the movie also raises the success of the music they use.  Hit films such as “Despicable Me” have kids singing songs that they fully believe were invented for the movies. Many other shows such as “Glee” have brought back songs that were long since forgotten and have recreated them into top hits all over again.

What are the rights of the song writer in these situations?  Music lawyers, like us, work with musicians to ensure that not only are their current contracts valid, but that the long-term protection of their music is secure.

Musicians have a passion and a talent to entertain audiences, not only now but for generations to come.  While for many, simply writing and producing their music is enough to satisfy them, they need to be aware of copyright infringement and the protection they need to receive the proper credit for the music they own.

Being creative is a musician’s main focus, but it is imperative that they consult a music lawyer to make sure that they have the full protection needed for their investment – themselves. Call Creative Law Network today.  We are a vital part of your music career.

This article was written by Tim Blake – a writer and student of law, who believes a music attorney, is in high demand today.

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