Top 5 Software’s For Lead Generation Through SEO

Top 5 Software’s For Lead Generation Through SEO

While some experts believe and convince other business owners that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a rather complicated concept, one that requires years and years to master, it’s actually the opposite. SEO fundamental principles are extremely simple, logical and easy to understand, even for amateurs and newbies. Add to that are the range of software’s available that aid in generating leads through SEO, and suddenly it doesn’t seem like a complicated task anymore. Read on to know more about SEO and the various software recommended by affordable website SEO companies like SEO Tuners which aid in lead generation through SEO.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners can use SEO as a marketing tool to accomplish a number of business goals:-

  • Lead Generation: – SEO is like any other tool used for marketing that can aid potential customers locate you through matches between the content of your website and their search query.
  • Increase of Website Traffic: – This is SEO’s most important goal, to increase your ranking in all search engines, especially Google when keywords are entered.
  • Boosting of Sales: – Conversion rates can be increases and your own sales processes can be refined by the use of SEO as a tool when more and more people are attracted towards your site.

Generation of Leads

Leads can be generated through search engines using either one of the following methods:-

  • Search Results of an Organic Nature: – These results are determined using the algorithm of the search engine (all search engines have different methods of categorizing content and then prioritizing websites). Search terms or key words are used to determine links that lead to relevant websites.
  • Advertising of a Paid Nature: – Also referred to as a cost per click or a pay per click advertising, these refer to the links that are seen at the right and the top of the organic search results in all engines.

Organic search results can be used to generate higher number of leads, SEO saves money on this front.

Keywords and SEO

SEO optimization deals with the matching of customer goals with the goals of your business. Relevant keywords for your business have to be generated through proper research and then SEO leads can be identified.

The most important aspect of SEO is the generation of right keywords that can attract a huge number of potential customers. The best keywords that can be used to generate appropriate leads for your website can be identified using the following techniques:-

  • Use high search volume keywords that a lot of people are searching for.
  • Use low competition keywords. This ensures that the website of your business can reach the top and front page of the search engines in shorter time periods, provided your business market is not saturated with too much information.
  • Always select keywords that are totally relevant to your business.

An affordable website SEO company, like SEO Tuners will always offer the following suggestions to immediately improve the SEO of your website before making any drastic changes:-

1. Identify your customers:- Once this is done, you will be able to develop better content for your key audience.

2. Identify the right keywords for your business- This will immediately lead to a rise in search engine rankings. Often, one high search volume keyword is more effective than multiple keywords that lead to low search volume.

3. Stay True to your customers- Although lead generation and SEO through keywords is important, your emphasis should be to create content that your customers will identify with and relate to immediately.

4. Use Links with great care- Never use any fake or bogus links to generate leads. When creating links to other websites ensure that it is content relevant to your business and satisfactory for your customers.

5. Time is of the essence- Do not look for short term gains. Instead, adopt a slow and steady approach for a long term benefit. Even if it takes several months to show concrete results, eventually the wait will be worth it.

6. Concentrate on fresh, appealing content- More than the quantity; focus on the quality of your original content. Adding new, relevant content to your website regularly ensures that there is no drop in previously high SEO rankings. It ensures consistency for your business.

Here are the top five software’s for lead generation through SEO:-

1. Lead Squared by MarketXander Services

This is the software advertised as something a business needs to “land more leads and close more deals”. It allows for building engaging relationships with target audiences across multiple channels to identify, follow and close leads that are ready for sales.

2. Teamgate by Teamgate

This is a cloud based sales system that is ideal for small and middle level businesses with its playful and simple interface. It is a fantastic tool for everyone for reports and insights into their businesses and sales processes.

3. Nutshell by Nutshell

This is specifically designed for smart small businesses and is a collaborative CRM. It includes powerful reporting and collaborative tools for a refined experience for all users. It has been integrated with common tools of business like Google Apps, Zendesk,etc. so that you can spend time chasing your potential sales and customers rather than sifting through unnecessary data.

4. Marketo Lead Management by Marketo

This dynamic, easy to use lead management software enables sales and marketing to be built into a single pipeline. It demands lead generation, targets specific landing pages and smart forms to identify customers who are then treated to drip email marketing campaigns.

5. Pipedrive by Pipedrive

This is a lead management tool specially developed for teams that are small in size but have lofty ambitions. Sales pipelines are visualized through this software that ensures important activities and events are properly scheduled for an easy and intuitive use.

Let SEO Tuners tell you more about softwares that aid in generating leads through SEO, visit our website that underlines our work as one of the most affordable website SEO companies in the market,

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