Learn About Plastic Surgery And Its Important Types

Plastic surgeon Amy Pare says it's important for doctors to know what kind of substances patients she's treating might have been exposed to.

Advancement in the modern technology utilized in cosmetic field has great impact on human body structures. The shape, size and structure of your body can be changed through a special surgical method known as the plastic surgery. It is a method or procedure for reconstruction or enhancement of the body or facial defects, from the time of birth, or due to burns, trauma or any other activities.

There are two main kinds of plastic surgery

  • Reconstruction surgery

It is that kind of plastic surgery, which reconstructs or fixes your body parts from a damage or defect.

  • Cosmetic surgery

This type of surgery is done in order to enhance the appearance of your body parts especially your face, breast, buttocks, which requires few tweaking according to you.

Most of the people are unhappy with the structure and appearance of their body part and decide to have a plastic surgery. If you are also one of such, then you should first consult or contact the best surgeons in your area. If you are looking for a surgeon, then contact the best plastic surgeon in Columbus Ohio and have your plastic surgery done perfectly without any side effects.

Some of the common plastic surgeries are listed below


It is the process of removing fat deposits, with the help of a tube, which is inserted beneath your skin, and then the fat in that part is sucked out using a vacuum-like device. Fat cells in abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs, and the upper arm can be removed by this procedure.


It is the kind of surgery done to your nose. Your nose can be reshaped as per your requirement. The span of your nostrils or the angle between the upper lip and the nose can also be changed by this process.

Breast augmentation

Augmentation mammaplasty or simply known as breast augmentation is the process of enlarging woman’s bosoms, with the help of saline-filled-implant or a silicon-filled-implant.

Tummy tuck

In this surgery, extra skin and fat are removed from the abdomen and muscles to tighten the skin cells. The procedure also guarantees with flattened tummy.

Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is done by removing the extra fat, skin and muscle from your eyelid.


Excess fats or muscles are lifted by using rhytidectomy, which results in tighter skin in your neck or face.


Mastopexy or a breast lift is performed to rise and reshape your sagging breasts.


Surgery performed to get rid of wrinkles and other facial blemishes.

Forehead lift

This surgery straightens out droops and lines by removing excess tissue, resulting in tightened skin in forehead.

Hair transplantation

Surgery for reducing the amount of scalp or inserting clusters of hair into the noggin of your hair.

Ear surgery

Large ear or improper ear is solved through ear surgery. It removes the ear’s skin, cartilage or bent back the ear closer to the head.

Lip augmentation

This surgery will bring out the desired shape and size of your lip.

There are many types of plastic surgery such as chin augmentation, breast implants removal, reduction of breast in men, thigh lift, upper arm lift, etc, which can make your body structure more appealing  and attractive. All you have to do is check out for the best surgeons and know about the risk involved before performing a plastic surgery.

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