Best Webinar Services Designed For Enterprise

Best Webinar Services Designed For Enterprise

With advent in growth in technology, webinars are gaining popularity over traditional form of meetings in business, we intend to explore some of the top webinar services available for business users.

  1. ezTalks Webinar

Considered as one of the most preferred webinar services by small and medium sized business, this online webinar service is quite useful for hosting marketing and sales seminars. ezTalks allows host to easily create live webinars and its interactive features enable these webinars to be more engaging for the participants.

  1. GoToWebinar

Ranked as one of the top webinar services for promotion of products and services, this free webinar service allows users to send customise email invitations. It is compatible on all mobile devices. Some of its features include custom branding on webinar material, creating polls to encourage interaction among participants etc.

  1. Google

Using a google+ account, users can conduct and attend live webinars for free by using Google’s free webinar services. Its features allow to the host to see which participants are on or off air, file sharing, conduct audio and video meetings etc.

  1. Evergreen

This free webinar service can host a web meeting on an auto pilot mode wherein users need to fill in certain details like date and time of webinar, list of attendees etc and its auto pilot features does rest of the work.

Users need to purchase this service only once and not pay any recurring monthly subscription fees.

  1. Zoom

Ranked as one of the best webinar service due to its rich feature laden content. Zoom is suitable for hosting various kinds of audio and video meetings/conferences and is known for its high quality video and audio. This free webinar service is compatible across all mobile devices and allows instant messaging services for its users. The free version has limited features available to users whereas all features can be unlocked by signing up for various subscription plans started at $14.99/month.

  1. Microsoft

Microsoft Live Meeting allows up to 1250 participants to attend a webinar session and its features include screen sharing, meeting recording and playback, live polling etc. Subscriptions charges of this webinar hosting services commence from $4.5/user/month allowing up to 250 users and can go up to $16/user/month allowing up to 1250 users to join a webinar session.

  1. Cicso WebEx

Popular of remote work, this webinar service is compatible across multiple desktop and mobile platforms and can also be used to host webinars. It also allows users to sync your calendars and send reminders for meetings and has additional features such as chat facilities, live polls, high quality video etc.

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