Plantronics Headsets For Office – Excellent Units For Improving Productivity

Located at Santa Cruz in California, Plantronics is an established name in the world of headsets regularly brining innovative gadgets in the market for personal and commercial use. Plantronics headsets for office are a delight to use. The USP of these products is their lightweight design that makes long hours of use completely hassle free and possible without physical discomfort. One of its earliest products that established its position in the market was the Savi System available in both its wireless and wired avatars. So what is the reason behind the continuous prominence of this brand and its associated products in the market? What makes it better than the other choices from brands of its ilk? Here are some possible reasons for your consideration.

The Technical Advantages

Still going strong since its introduction Savia System specifically for office use consists of headsets along with a single base unit related to it.  The whole system has a professional and distinct appearance. Base unit features 3.9 inches width, 3.7 inches height, and 3.5 inches depth. Headsets include 6.0 DECT technologies with noise cancellation feature allowing clear and crisp receptions. It comes with a scientific ear gel that makes sure that the earphone sits easy without any discomfort for long hours. However, you may feel difficulties of adjustment especially when you are using it for the very first time as the application of ear gel requires some getting used to.

The roaming range of Savi Office is quite massive and this feature adds to its benefits significantly. Its maximum range is 350 feet. Other related features are the automatic capacity of power adjustment, which is based upon the base station distance. Also users enjoy optimal talk time before recharging needs arise. Convertible headsets give 9 hrs battery life average and over-the-ear varieties offers 6 hrs average life.   It uses DSP 64bit for its digital encryption.

Quite Superior Features

Naturally people prefer to use Plantronic headsets in office since they give you top-of-the-line features with its exclusive product line. This in turn translates into simple workings and worry free use in an office setting. One example of this is the presence of lever system, which upon activation not only picks up the receiver on behalf of users but also places it on the palm. A part of exhaustive office solutions this headset is a delight to use in all regards. From the very same device you can get the benefits of VOIP system along with the normal telephone calls. You can make VOIP calls using MSN, Skype, or different Softphone software. If you want respond easily to landline calls too with the simple pressing of single button upon base station. What’s more if you want simply bridge together landline and VOIP calls for ensuring successful conference calls.

Studies of effectiveness related to conference calls have shown that Plantronics office phone headsets offer,

ü  Clear and loud calls

ü  Zero background noise

ü  Natural voice quality

Those looking for high quality headsets for office use need not look further than this brand and its products.

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