4 Essential Software Solutions For Businesses

4 Essential Software Solutions For Businesses

The obvious things are the easiest to plan for when it comes to running a business. They include things like setting up your storefront and figuring out what logo to put on your business cards, but a successful business is about a lot more than paying attention to what’s on the surface.

Every successful business has a slew of software solutions working behind the scenes to make sure operations go smoothly. Unfortunately, because they are working behind the scenes, new and existing businesses may not know exactly what kind of software is the best!

Here are four essential software solutions that are perfect for every business.

Compliance Software

There are various laws and regulations that every business must follow. If they don’t, they will suffer the consequences.

For example, “Compliance with PCI, intended to protect consumers, banks, and credit card vendors from data theft and fraud, is a must for any enterprise that accepts credit card transactions,” shares the professionals at Reciprocity. “Merchants that fail face heavy penalties: fees of $1,000 to $100,000 per month. Worse, you could have your credit card privileges completely revoked.”

That’s why compliance software is so important. Not only can it ensure credit card information is safe and secure, it can help with a wide variety of issues both online and off for a wide variety of industries.

Accounting Software

At its core, finances are all about money coming in and money going out, but it’s a lot more complicated than that. It’s about keeping track of expenses, knowing which expenses are tax deductible, paying employees, paying third-party contractors, and much more.

Spreadsheets can make keeping track of this kind of information a lot easier, but you’re still likely to end up with errors. That’s not good when it comes to your finances!

Instead, use accounting software. There are many programs to choose from, ensuring there’s one with features that will work for your business.

Marketing Software

Marketing used to mean putting an ad in the phone book and passing out your business card. That’s not the case anymore!

There are tons of ways businesses are expected to market if they want to be successful, which means you could literally spend as much time working on marketing as you do on other areas of your businesses.

Marketing automation tools can help you save tons of time. Choose tools that can help with:

  • Social media posting
  • Blog posting
  • Tracking marketing data
  • Email newsletters

Relationship Software

CRM software is a must for keeping track of customer relationships, but it isn’t the only relationship software you should consider.

Choosing the right relationship software can make communications with others in your business and industry easier too. Professional services automation (PSA) is great for lawyers and IT professionals, while enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is great for manufacturers and distributors.

Don’t spend endless hours doing work that could be completed in mere moments by the right piece of software! Allow these four software categories to do the hard work for you so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

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