Simple Issue Tracking System

The motive of simple issue tracking system is to offer indie and only developers a convenient, simple & efficient tool to organize & manage their product and project related bugs, like issues, tasks, features, and enhancements.

Simple to Use

The ease to use, intuitive & native UI makes it a picture to manage & organize the projects, milestones & issues.


Unlike several web based services, there’re no cost plans or monthly fees’. Just & use it.


  • Competency to attach the files, like crash logs and screen shots
  • The customizable resolutions for eg: fixed, and not reproducible
  • The issues can be easily organized through projects & milestones
  • Free from the issue descriptions with the customizable templates
  • Visual indications of closed and open issues & priorities
  • Track time you spend on each and every bug

Tools for Issue Tracking


This tracks errors in web applications & reports them in actual time, so you’ve all the information you need to fix them rapidly & efficiently. With the multi-application support, it’s ease to manage many applications in multiple deployment platforms with support for PHP, Ruby, and etc. And with the reliable, robust architect & data filtering for the security, it provides a stable environment to track & report the app errors.


This is a free, open source tool to centralize the controlling of automated issue reports from the multiple apps, giving an integrated view of error messages’ so you can search, graph & forward issue reports. With the dash board, you’ve an aggregated view of info to assist keep the track of the overall health of the apps & any current bugs.


It offers streamlined issue tracking with an UI & instinctive work flow. You can create the new bug quickly, with no need to reload and exit the existing screens, & easily manage the projects without having to regularly reload and navigate away. You can prioritize, comments’, change the status & attach the screen shots with a one click.

Pivotal Tracker

This issue tracker is the agile PM tool that encourages you to break the project down into bite sized stories, use the points to estimate each stories’ relative complexity, & prioritize it. In essence it lets you track much more than issues, using the simple work flow to make the project development a pain less activity.

Snowy Evening

This is an issue tracking app that aims to be powerful sufficient for developers, but simple sufficient for clients to use with the ease. This issue tracking app offers the jsFiddle and GitHub integration, with a clean, well laid out interface. Dashboard overview gives you a summary of every open the project you are involved with, & you can rapidly jump between the projects & easily point the large volumes of bugs with efficiency. You can filter the issues lists & save the filter for future use, & use the smart search feature to assist find the urgent bugs.


Scopidea issue tracking system that manages your project’s requirements, releases, test cases, issues and tasks in any environment. Scopidea Software allows you to take control of your whole project. Scopidea issue tracking system helps you Increase of productivity of the team.

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