Best Hiking Advice From A Seasoned Yellowstone Employee

Many people find hiking a passionate and adventurous activity. There are a number of interesting options to explore for this great adventurous sport, but Yellowstone National Park is undoubtedly one of the best choices for hiking enthusiasts.

Spread in whooping 3500 square miles mainly in Wyoming area in the USA, and some parts of Montana. This park is packed with lush greenery, alpine rivers, canyons, and hot springs. The park is the home for a variety of different animal species including wolf, bear, antelopes, and elk.

If you have decided to go hiking to this awesome place, here are some great tips from the seasoned employees of park itself to brace yourself for maximum fun:

• Essentials to pack

First and foremost are the right preparations for the trip in terms of essential things to pack with you. Get started with a map of the park to plan purposefully and that also prevent you from getting lost. Post which comes to the clothes depending on the season you are visiting in.

For summers, pack hiking boots for maximum comfort and traction, gloves, insulating clothes to keep moisture away from the body and light wool or synthetic socks for a relaxed walk. If you are visiting in winters instead; do pack some waterproof jackets and hats too to cover your ears as well.

• Equipment to carry

Sunglasses, camera, binoculars, the daypack with extras, sunscreen, insect repellent, essential medicines, foot and hand warmers, water bottles, etc. are some of the things you must pack with you for any hiking trip.

• Explore the beauty

The Yellowstone Park is full of natural unexplored beauty. If you are coming to explore nature at its best, try to go for a walk instead of driving. There are numerous famous hiking spots in the park where you will experience the beauty of nature at its best along with some unimaginable sights of wildlife animals.

Park offers great privacy to enjoy in the lap of nature. If you are looking for some expert advice for a guided hike tour, please visit for hiking guide. This will give you all the relevant tips for the best hike tour.

• Prioritize

Before starting the journey, prioritize what actually you want to do. For example: Are you looking to explore wildlife more during the hike or you do you want to go for a short hike to just explore the nature. If you are looking to explore wildlife, you need not even spend extra money for a safari tour.

You can go in the comfort of your own vehicle on the same route from Canyon Lodge to the north of Roosevelt and watch great sights of elk, bears, bison, moose and wolves with your binoculars, which are spread all over the park.

However, if you are looking for short hikes, you can choose other a day hike option or a super short hike to enjoy special times like sunrise and sunset. Some of the beautiful spots which you should not miss are Avalanche Peak, Shoshone Lake, Storm Point Loop, and Electric Peak among many others.

To have a wonderful hiking trip, remember some other important details such as food is not great at Yellowstone, try to carry your own, your pet might not be allowed, biking is not a great option in the park and plan your reservations beforehand.

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