Few Common Mistakes To Avoid While Creating Church Website

Technological revolution is transforming the way you live, work, interact, and communicate with everyone, especially the mobile technology. Not just youngsters, but even adults and elders are spending a lot each year on Smartphone.

A mobile phone is becoming a potent communication tool because anyone can reach users at anytime. Church or ministry can take advantage of mobile apps because users use their Smartphone to locate local shopping malls, perform banking, and seek out local restaurants along with host of other activities.

What is mobile app?

Mobile app is small program specifically designed for Smartphone or other mobile devices. These powerful apps are programmed to perform some incredible things. You can take help from graphic service providers like Share Faith in designing an ideal church website.

Why consider having church mobile app?

  • People avoid church because they feel it is out of touch but a church app shows your progress with time.
  • You maximize visibility for local people looking for information about a church online.
  • You can communicate easily with members and guests. Sermons get watched by members on vacation and others around the world.
  • Gives and easy way for church donation. Experts predict that in next decade mass payments will be electronic.

Technology does not replace personal relationship but is a key to gospel preaching and discipleship. It is an efficient tool to unite people to one another along with the gospel message.

If you are determined to design a church website then make sure to avoid common designing mistakes.

Few common mistakes to avoid while creating church website

Avoid information overload

Plenty of happenings take place in your church and it is vital that your site reflects that. The ultimate goal is to draw new members as well as become an information supplier source for your parishioners. Keeping this in mind make sure that vital information is easy to access.

Using flashy images or animations can clutter the space and distract users. This makes it hard for visitors to find the information. Make finding contact information, church service time, and location as easy as possible.

Avoid overuse of bright colors

For church websites, there is a trend to use royal colors like purple, red, and gold. It symbolizes God and makes sense but can make the feel of the website loud and hard to read. A need of simplicity extends not just in the layout but even color scheme. Royal colors can be used but select a neutral background to give pages more visual appeal and keep visitors on your website longer.

Avoid low-quality images

Besides being a source of providing information, your church website is supposed to put across modern church image. Having old staff, events, or church pictures posted on your website displays sloppiness. Take time and get high-quality images to show your professionalism.

Avoid lack of maintenance

Make sure to impress visitors with avoiding the errors given above as well as have it maintained regularly. Assign a member, who is liable to update the website. Have regular pictures of church events or weekly bulletin posted or blog posts uploaded. If you cannot focus then it is better to avoid dating things you post. Reading the date of a two year old post can possibly turn them off.

Having a church app is the current and future trend, grab this opportunity, and have a flawless website designed.

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