Key Facts On The Process Of Hiring

The process of hiring for HR professionals is not as easy as it sounds. When you are in the hiring process, your task does not end with mere recruitment. There are times when you need to terminate someone from a designation or ask him or her to leave. This action is not rewarding for any HR professional especially when he or she knows the person being terminated for not performing well enough in the company. It is very hard for someone to fire a co-worker especially when you know that the person is a good human being.

Take time to find the ideal candidate for your company

JD Dukes an expert in the staffing and recruitment process in the USA says that in most cases the employee is asked to leave primarily of poor performance. The Company might have made several attempts to help the employee do better at the job and a host of reminders about their poor performance did not help. Companies do not terminate the services of an employee without doing whatever they are able to do to help the employee first!

Employee referrals

There are instances of employee referrals that help the HR personnel find the right candidate for the post however there is no guarantee that he or she will be a good performing candidate.  Mr. Dukes says that it is important for the HR recruiter to follow certain steps that will minimize the risks of taking in an employee who cannot manage the tasks the job entails.

Employers should take great care of the recruitment process. The steps will help the HR department find the right candidate for the designated job. They are able to narrow down the list of applicants and are able to get the best for the post. The recruitment process involves the following steps generally-

  • The initial interview or screening of the candidate
  • The written test
  • The second interview with the supervisor or the employer of the company
  • Reference and background checks –this also includes the employment history of the candidate
  • Short-listing the candidates
  • Physical and medical health checks
  • Salary offered for the post
  • Acceptance of job offer

Many employers ask the question as to whether medical examinations should be taken before the job offer. Mr. Dukes says that it is important for the employer to ensure the candidate is physically and mentally fit for the job. He says that in case the job offer is accepted before the medical reports, you might have to reject the candidate in case these reports come out negative.

Jeffrey A Dukes says that when it comes to the hiring and the recruitment process, it is very important for you never to rush through the procedures. This will yield negative results. When you are running the company or the business, it is very important for you to take time and research well from the right sources to find the ideal candidate for your company. The job might seem to be tedious however, it is worth it!

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