Why Bangalore Roots for Rentals?


Transport is that headache which eats away at everyone’s precious time almost every day. Price surges, rude auto drivers and crowded buses need not be the only options in a city as dynamic as Bangalore. With its cosmopolitan vibes and rich heritage, the city is waiting to be experienced. The best possible way this can be done is on one’s own terms – self-driving.

Long Road Trips

Why should the road trip be only a domain of car owners? With affordable car rentals, travellers are enjoying the different destinations that Bangalore loves. Goa is a night’s drive away and Gokarna, Coorg and the hill towns of the Nilgiris are also close to the city. Getting a car for rent is as simple as booking through an app.

There are many advantages of choosing the self drive option for long journeys. Complete privacy is assured – so that group trip gets even more uninhibited and fun. Rentals with 24/7 on-road support add an assurance that even private car owners cannot brag about. Solo travellers and all-girl groups can enjoy a much more convenient ride via the rental car. A rented car gives travellers plenty of freedom for impromptu stops and detours – adding more spontaneity to the getaway, which makes for better experiences.

Business Trips

Business trips need to be executed with ruthless efficiency. Depending on public transport while getting work done in a new city is not ideal, especially, if it is as vast as Bangalore. Many visitors to the garden city are picking up rentals and dodging expensive cab fares and spotty public transport along the way.


The biggest woe of a city that is expanding as fast as Bangalore is to do with is transit. A lot of time is spent on changing transport or waiting for the next bus or auto. Modern rentals like Zoomcar offer week-long commute rental plans which are perfect for those looking for convenience but not ready to own a car yet. The workday can be brutal too, and on late nights the self drive commute plan becomes a lifesaver.

When it comes to self drive cars Bangalore is a city where they have many applications. Many are now enjoying the privileges of car-ownership via rented cars, without the long-term liabilities of payments and maintenance. For many, the weekend trips are now more than just wishful thinking and busy professionals are finding more time for themselves as commute gets more convenient. A popular choice of transport all over the world, the rental car has much to offer India’s Silicon Valley too.

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