How to Dress Your Home ‘Happy’ This Spring

How to Dress Your Home ‘Happy’ This Spring

For the majority of people, spring is the time for positive changes and new beginnings. Spring calls for being active, fresh, and energized. We start choosing brighter colors in clothes, prefer walks over rides, and want all aspects of our lives to be renovated in some way. And it’s safe to say that when spring enters our souls, it should enter our homes too. If the title of this article has caught your eye, then chances are that you’d love your home to look happy and beautiful this spring. The good news is that you made it to the right place. In the paragraphs to come, you’ll learn five simple yet effective ways to dress your home ‘happy’.

Bring in Some Flowers

Greenery and flowers are two best indicators of spring. We all need more colors after the sequence of bleak winter months, that’s why bringing some flowers or greenery to your home will help you feel the new season and all the pleasures it comes along with. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution regarding what particular flowers to choose, we suggest experimenting with rare plants and flowers. Some great examples are Ghost Orchids, Showy Lady’s-Slipper, and the Black Bat Flower. Classic is good, but spring calls for new and brave and unique, so why don’t you try?

Spruce Your Closet Up

As for this point, feel free to interpret it whatever way you like. You might be interested in adding some extra lightning or some bright wallpapers or anything that will make you smile each time you enter your walk-in closet. In case you’re perfectionist and have enough spare time, you might like the idea of arranging your seasonal clothes by color. This way, your closet will sure start looking more organized and happy.

Consider Replacing Your Curtains

The darker your curtains are, the less light comes into your home. Needless to say, spring is not the best time for dark rooms. That’s why you should at least consider replacing your current curtains for brighter ones (especially, if those you have now are either too neutral or too gloomy). In case you’re remarkably brave and open to everything new, you might even like the idea of taking all curtains off completely or choosing some creative alternatives. At least for the sake of experiment.

Go Get Some Pretty Serving Wear

If you are not one of those super-busy people, who are always on the go and don’t eat at home at all, then you should definitely consider this point. Not only will new serving wear bring some sparkle to your home interior, but it will also make you enjoy home dinners even more. And if you like to invite guests to your home and share Friday dinners with them, then buying some serving wear is sure a reasonable investment.

How to Dress Your Home ‘Happy’ This Spring

Make Sure it Smells Like Spring

It turns out that bright colors are not the one and only indicator of the season. Fresh smells are up for the task too. That’s why it might be a great idea to invite some sweet spring-like aroma in your home by using delicate flower essences. Choose the kind of essences and make your home smell like real spring long before the first trees and flowers start to bloom on the streets. In case you’re lost in the variety of smells – choose jasmine, ylang-ylang, mint or lime.

No matter if you decide to choose only one of the above-mentioned ideas or a combination of them, you’ll sure be happy with a result. We cannot control the weather on a global level, but it’s completely up to us to decide what season it feels like in your home. With our advice, it could be spring all the year around.

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