Feng Shui Tips For A Happier Home

Feng Shui Tips For A Happier Home

Throughout Chinese history, feng shui has been used to encourage harmony between individuals and their surroundings. Nowadays, it is mainly used to help people create a more harmonious home. In fact, based on the ancient Chinese philosophy, the following simple tips can help you create a happier home.

Introduce Harmony with Colors

Color helps set the mood in your space, which also helps create good feng shui. There are five feng shui colors, which are based on the following feng shui elements:

  • Fire, which helps nourish your inner warmth.
  • Water, which promotes calm and abundance.
  • Earth, which helps create stability and nourishment.
  • Wood, which brings the energy of vitality and growth.
  • Metal, which promotes preciseness and clarity.

Wall paint can be used to create good feng shui energy. However, when selecting your color, remember to factor in the quality of light in your space as well as the surrounding colors in your home to help create harmony.

Let There Be Light

Light is a powerful source of energy; therefore, it is considered one of the best ways to create good feng shui. To select the proper feng shui lighting, simply incorporate the following tips:

  • First, welcome natural sunlight into your home by opening the windows, which helps promote vitality and life. In fact, the open-concept design is becoming more popular in homes, some people even going so far as to eliminate walls, because it allows good energy flow.
  • Artificial lighting can also be used to create feng shui energy in your home, so find out all you can about it. In fact, you should have at least three light sources, including task, ambient, and accent lighting, in each space to promote positive energy.
  • When choosing artificial lighting, note that the type of light bulb ultimately determines the positive effects of your lighting. For instance, LED more closely resembles natural light than traditional lighting.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors symbolize the Water feng shui element, which helps bring refreshment and serenity into any space. This is especially useful if the energy in your home is hectic. Simply, place various mirrors in your home using good feng shui techniques to bring peace and invigoration to any area. In fact, the correct placement of mirrors throughout your space can greatly benefit your entire home.

For example, try placing a mirror in an area with a beautiful view, such as a garden view, to bring good feng shui energy into your space. However, avoid placing your mirrors in direct view of each other because it creates a very negative or weakening type of energy that is not conducive to good feng shui.

If you have small children in your home, try hanging at least one full-length mirror where they can see their complete selves as opposed to a mirror that simply shows their top half, which helps contribute to a higher self-esteem.

Purify the Air

Air is essential to humans, but if it is not clean, it can do more harm than good. For instance, think back to a time when you traveled, perhaps to the countryside or the ocean-side, and observed that the air was much fresher and clearer than where you live. In fact, it probably also made you feel better.

Good feng shui focuses on purifying the air. In fact, clean air can also improve your health. Therefore, keep in mind that to promote good feng shui, you should also try to find ways to improve the indoor air quality. Plants also promote clean air, so research the best feng shui plants to incorporate into your space for positive feng shui energy.


Overall, promoting good feng shui is about creating a space that makes you feel good, which can be done by using feng shui colors as well as mirrors. Remember that light also plays a role in creating good feng shui, so choose your lighting accordingly. Lastly, complete your feng shui space with good indoor air quality so you can sit back and breath it all in.

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