Money Saving Tips To Breeze Your Way Through College

College students are left with no choice but lead frugal lifestyles. The reason of course is a very tight budget. It becomes important that college students learn to live within a budget and survive. Here are some money saving tips for them to live adequately and still have some extra for the fun activities.

  1. Visit the library often. The libraries of today have evolved to be a haven for students. Most information is in electronic format, and available to the students for download. It includes great collections of not only textbooks but also the latest bestsellers, music CDs, and DVDs too. All of this offers students significant savings.

  1. Cheap coffee and snacks. Most coffee shops offer treats that are affordable and is usually not listed in the menu. Budget coffee for instance costs only $2 for the small cups including sugar and cream.

  1. Work at the college cafeteria. College students are regularly hired as service crews for the campus cafeteria. Employed college students are normally offered one free meal daily aside from the fee per hour. The free meal is a big cut in a student’s meal budget.

  1. Become an RA. Dorms hire RAs—Resident Assistants. College RA students can earn extra cash and be a recipient of a larger room, or be given a discount on room and board as incentive. This is a part-time job, and on call at certain hours and days of the week.

  2. Money Saving Tips To Breeze Your Way Through College

    1. College discounts. Many stores offer a discount to local students with only a student ID card as proof. Discounts can range from movie tickets, to electronics, and clothing stores. Even the local transportation services offer discounts for students traveling back home for the holidays.

    1. Buy cheaper alternatives. When in need of supplies, gadgets, and clothing, try cheaper options that are durable and dependable. For instance, buy a less popular gadget with the same features with the sought-after brand. Same with clothing, check less-known but quality brands. And when the personal printer runs out of ink, buy cheaper ink cartridges available online that meets the performance of the genuine counterpart.

    1. Sell room junk. Clothing, textbooks, gadgets that are no longer in use should be up for sale to bring in some extra cash.

    1. Cook own meals. Some colleges offer meal plans. Before purchasing an option, see if it’s worth it. Is healthy food available at the school cafeteria? Or, cooking own meals is much better? Students with roommates can takes turns on the cooking chore. This can expand on the variety of meals, and gives break from having to cook every day. Meals can even be traded as well to other students who are not roommates.

    1. Free events. Attend the college’s free events, from sporting games, to hobby clubs, and concerts. It can be costly to head into town to pay for one of the local theatre or concert events. Stick closer to the dorm and see what’s on for a weekend. Many of these free events also offer some drinks and snacks, which could help ease the budget.

    Remember that college student life is not at all enticing, schoolwork is demanding and budget is so tight. It is entirely a balancing act. One must manage to live amid a limited budget and on one end balanced by the desire to pursue a college degree. But the money saving tips above mentioned should help breeze your way through college.

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