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The 21st century has experienced varied periods of economic decline in different ways each affecting the other in one way or the other. This has led to a decline in purchasing power. The automotive industry has been immensely affected by this economic decline. This has made it necessary for automotive companies to market their products in the best way possible. This is by use of appealing website designs. Nowadays people don’t need advice from experts inorder to purchase a specific product. They simply go the internet and check the product they need. The following are some of the best automotive website designs.

Alfa Romeo

This website belongs to a manufacture in Italy. It is mainly involved in production of racing cars e.g. Turismo sport which is air conditioned


It belongs to a German company. It produces come of the best cars in the globe e.g. Audi TT which covers 0-62 mph in just 7.2 seconds


Based in Germany. It specializes in production of engines and motorbikes. It has produced engines which have reduced the consumption of fuel by almost 25%.


The brain behind Buggati is Ettore Buggati.It produced Veryon which can cover 62mph in 2.5 seconds.


Produces a wide variety of cars, crossovers, vans and trucks. It is behind the highly reliable Silverado car.


It produces high quality cars. They move at a very high speed. Many automobiles from this company have won world championships e.g. Formula one titles.

General Motors

It is one the biggest producer of automobiles in the globe. It produces cars and trucks. It has branches in various countries all over the globe.


It is based in America and produces luxurious vehicles e.g. Sharp and SRX crossover.


Based in Italy and specializes in production of car racing cars.Its brands have highly effective engines.

Bentley Motors

Volkswagen is the owner of this automobile company. It is behind production of grand tourers.

Aston Martin

Producer of sports cars. Their cars have featured in all GT races.

Tata Motors

Based in India. Behind production of Tata Nano family car.


They are pioneers of front wheel drives. They produced ny ID-19.


A truck and car manufacturer based in China. Produces a variety of trucks and touring coaches.

Mercedes Benz

It produces luxurious buses, trucks and coaches. It is based in Germany (Stuttgart).


Producer of high safety sports cars


Its automobile products are sold in more than 160 countries in the world.


Produces a variety of crossovers, trucks and cars. Famed for its brand, Nissan leaf, which operates on electricity alone.


One of the best manufactures of diesel engines and huge trucks.


The best manufacturer of automobiles in the globe.

MG Cars

Produces sports cars e.g. MGTF 135 which is very easy to handle and has exceptional balance.


Best producer of formula one cars. It is based in Britain.

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