Must Wear Men’s Accessories For Dressing Formal

Rules are present for wearing and accessorizing all types of clothing. Dressing in formal attire is probably the hardest for most men as there are numerous faux pas and unspoken rules. Accessorizing formal wear is even harder, as you don’t want to go overboard with the suit, but you certainly don’t want to appear under dressed for the occasion at hand. To work around this problem, we’ve compiled a list of must wear men’s accessories to wear with your formal attire.

Firstly, before you look for those perfect accessories, ensure that you have a dark tailored suit for the formal event. The most appropriate colors are navy or black and if you wish to inject pattern, very light stripes are appropriate. However, the easiest suits to accessorize are solid colored.

Start With Cuff Links

Cuff links are the number one accessory for formal attire that allows you to add pizzazz to an otherwise understated look. You will need a French-cuffed shirt in order to incorporate cuff links. You can use personalized cuff links or even turn two matching lapel pins into usable cuff links. Keep in mind however, that cuff links are the most sophisticated when purchased in either stainless steel or silver.

Adding Silk Handkerchiefs

Depending on the occasion, you may be able to add a touch of color to your otherwise monochromatic suit. Handkerchiefs or what we often refer to as “pocket squares” are most appropriate in either dark blue or gray. If you’re unsure whether or not the occasion allows for color, white is your go-to color. For formal occasions, silk handkerchiefs are the most appropriate as they not only look classy, but they are easy to fold.

Telling Time With A Subtle Watch

Square faced watches are a great addition to formal attire. They are understated, but still bold enough to add personality to your suit. Keep in mind, subtlety is the key to formal events and that is the most important rule you should apply when searching for the perfect watch. Lastly, formal occasions call for watches with a leather band, so shy away from selecting any timepieces with silver or stainless steel bands.

Keeping It All Together With A Money Clip

For a formal occasion, you can leave your cell phone behind, but you can’t forget your money, invitation and I.D. However, what you can do is keep it all together in a sophisticated manner by selecting a silver money clip. You can keep everything organized in your pocket and let everyone know just how sleek and classy you are.

Designer Ties

The whole formal attire is pulled together by the single most important accessory- the tie. If you know anything about ties, you know that the wrong color or too much print can make you stand out in the wrong way. Silver, blue or black ties in muted tones is the safest option, but if you would like to inject a bit of personality into your attire, spare stripes or a sublime pattern are also appropriate.

Accessorizing formal wear isn’t as hard or overwhelming as it may first appear. Just purchase the accessories in this article and follow the simple rules, and you are sure to turn heads in the good way.

Aria Meyer is a fashion blogger. She writes for several fashion blogs. She graduated from California State University Los Angeles with a Bachelor Degree in Marketing. She is currently living in Walnut, CA.

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