JJRC H47 WIFI FPV Foldable RC Quadcopter Fly More Combo – RTF

The JJRC H47 is an amusing FPV camera quadcopter. It derives with a camera and gimbal which is organized straight from the transmitter as well as the video feed streams real-time toward your phone.


Separately from the apparent bright lime green paint work, the body definitely feels considerable. It’s prepared of hard plastic like maximum toy drones, however it feels very strong and well-built. The light weight, aluminum landing legs additional enhance this already sturdy design plus high-quality sense. These are perhaps some of the best-feeling landing legs I have seen on a toy quadcopter, however keep in mind that any additional weight fixtures your quadcopters battery faster.


Anyone who flies quadcopters frequently knows that smashes happen often , plus repairs are occasionally necessary. The JJRC H47 creates repairing the motors tremendously easy. Just unscrewing the motor housing discloses the motors, which are unplugged simply. You can then install the new motor through reversing the procedure. It should not take more than 5 minutes for the regular person toward repair a motor on this quad.


Because of its large size, it was essential for JJRC RC Quadcopter to eliminate the propellers through packaging, to make it more compacted. This means you will need to install them yourself straight out of the box, however it’s lots easier than it looks. Just find the gear shafts in the box, drive them up alongside the bottom of the quadcopters arms plus place the suitable propeller on top.

Make certain that the propeller has the precise rotation that matches the reversing arrow of the arrow on the quadcopter arm. Failing to do so might prevent your quadcopter from taking off correctly, or at all.

While the propellers are installed, just screw them in to stop them from flying off mid-flight. You want them toward be screwed in confidently, but merely sufficient so that the propellers could still spin freely.


The comprised battery is a 1200 mAh 2S 7. 4v LiPo. It takes roughly 1 hour toward charge through the comprised USB charger plus offers among 6-8 minute flights. The additional weight the quadcopter is carrying, the quicker the battery would drain. Eliminate the propeller guards plus camera if you desire to add around a minute otherwise so of flight time.


Aside from the aptitude to control the camera’s gimbal, this is a pretty regular toy RC quadcopter transmitter.

One of its standout features, though, is the lanyard fastener in the middle. This permits you to clip a neck strap which aids when holding it. Not all inexpensive transmitters have this, thus this is a nice addition.


The JJRC H47 is a great novice camera quadcopter. Though this quadcopter does have wi-fi FPV functionality through streaming live footage toward your smartphone, it is untrustworthy and I would not use it for anything additional than a rapid glance at seeing whatever the camera is intended towards.

A strong, well-flying quadcopter as well as a good worth for the price. I would recommend this to anybody who is in search of a bigger quadcopter to play round with, as long as you keep your camera expectation low.

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