When “The One” Is With You

When “The One” Is With You

Is there really a time where you’ve found “the one”? Most likely, confetti won’t stream down the streets or soaring doves won’t fly to the heavens.

The short answer is: no.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an infallible ‘rule of thumb’ that lets you know “the one” is standing upon you; however, there are ways (either passive or vivacious) where you can be confident marriage is the next step of taking your relationship. But before you hop into the car towards that store, you know, a place where these fabulous jewelers in Henderson exits, make sure you’ve crossed off your elusive checklist, which ensures that things couldn’t get much better then they are now.

Chasing a “better” relationship no longer exists

When people get into a relationship, they often assume something will (or needs) to improve for things to work out. Either it be financially, location, an ex, an unattractive habit, or anything you may think be standing in your way of reaching a fruitful relationship, means you probably won’t.

Relationships don’t tend to exactly work out the way you envision. Problems occur, and when one is fixed, another one is destined to come out from the surface. So, if you’re routinely chasing a better relationship, it’s a sure tale sign that “the one” isn’t this one.

Ultimately, a healthy relationship is never perfect—it is what it is. Once you’ve accepted the flaws of each other is when you can expect things to improve.

You’re comfortable in your own shows—no matter what they look like

You know you met someone you love when being yourself is the only way you can be around him or her. Feeling nervous or apprehension to behave a certain way means things are either in the early stages of a relationship or you’re intimidated to act a certain way that hinders you from being yourself.

Once you’ve found comfort in being in who “you” are is when you expect longevity to exist and a relationship to truly form.

Flaws are attractive

One know you’ve met “the one” when your partner is simply awestruck by you simply being present around you. His or her admiration of you is so profound that your flaws either become invisible or are accepted with admiration and love.

Conflict is your ‘bread and butter’

A great relationship is one that doesn’t experience is share of conflict. In fact, if conflict doesn’t exist—a bigger problem is most likely looming in the shadows.

However, if you’ve reached a point in your relationship where conflict is not resolved, but handled smoothly and moved on from with ease—things are looking bright. Lingering issues, whatever they may be, seem to follow unhealthy lovers. When the “the one” is with you, conflicts are handled properly where both sides are heard, accepted either way, and moved on from. Sometimes, life is just too short to have been pondering whether or not you forgot to lock the car door.

The ordinary suddenly feels like something extraordinary

A special relationship is when expecting something amazing to happen each day doesn’t exist. Love, in many way, is the mundane, the ordinary the normality of life that things that once never interested you, suddenly do.

For example, his or her work suddenly ponders you, his or her friend’s become extensions of who they are, their stories of childhood fascinate you, families visiting excite you, shopping on a lazy afternoon become celebrations of laughter —all the things that don’t necessarily appear special, all of the sudden become special.

Others feel what you do each day

If your relationship creaks into the lives of other people important in your life, “the one” is possibly in your presence. And moreover, if they (or any significant third party) begins to tell you of their admiration of your life’s partner—it’s a tell tale sign that things are moving swimmingly.

So, consult with the people you love and ask of their opinion of him or her. If they exude the same excitement and notice the same qualities that have attracted you to him or her, it will ensure you that what you’re experiencing isn’t an illusion.

Priorities are weighted together

When your problems become their problems or vice versa, and goals or accomplishments (when achieved) excite you both—you found someone truly unique. Once life seems to have the same priorities, and your lives seem to revolve around the same clock—expect someone’s knee to drop, a little box to open and a few tears to stream.

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