Allies When You Follow A Diet

You can find allies for your diet where you do not think … Which accelerates fat burning substances that inhibit hunger or give you a feeling of fullness quickly found in common foods so that can be always at hand. Here some of them:

Water with lemon

A glass of water which were added a few drops of lemon juice and peel, some even have property to stimulate fat burning. Besides acetic acid content of lemon juice, which slows down intestinal transit, lemon peel contains pectin, a soluble fiber that accelerates fat burning.


A bowl of chicken soup or vegetable will help a lot. This is the conclusion of experts from Purdue University, in one study. The brain perceives food as a nourishing soup just as it can be consumed in large amounts and provides a feeling of full stomach.

Olive oil

A study in Australia has shown that olive oil can speed up metabolism and burn fat. Those involved in the study who drank a few tablespoons of olive oil daily were able to lose weight more easily than those that did not include oil in their diets.

Green tea

Long known for its antioxidant properties, green tea speed up metabolism, succeed precisely because of these properties. Catehins, a group of antioxidants, accelerating fat burning and significantly reduces negative cholesterol (LDL) in blood. You can drink green tea every day, but in limited quantities, not exceeding three cups.

Red grapefruit

According to a study by American nutritionists doctors, half a red grapefruit at every meal for 12 weeks, help you lose about two pounds. In addition substances that hasten the elimination of fats, red grapefruit contains lycopene, an antioxidant that may protect you from cancer.


In a Swedish study, researchers found that people who drink vinegar to a meal lose weight more quickly. The reason this happens is slowing down the movement of food from the stomach into the small intestine. Therefore, the feeling of fullness lasts longer. This effect is responsible for acetic acid in vinegar. Add the vinegar in salads, use it for roasted peppers or add a teaspoon of vinegar to sour soup.


According to a Japanese study, 13 women who ate red pepper at the table they were eating less. Responsible for this effect is capsaicin, a substance that provides quick taste and has the ability to reduce appetite. Add very little chilli paste in your food and enjoy the beneficial effects of capsaicin.

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