What Are The Healing Benefits Of Therapeutic Ultrasound?

Therapeutic ultrasound is widely popular nowadays as a way of pain management. There are many patients who undergo a therapeutic ultrasound treatment in the clinic, doctor’s office, yet don’t have clear idea what therapeutic ultrasound is and how does it work. This article focuses on a general discussion regarding what is therapeutic ultrasound and how does it contribute in the healing process.

Therapeutic ultrasound unit operates on production of sound waves that is able to produce heat in one mode and on the other hand it creates physiological change on a cellular level. The situation can be well understood by an easy example: if you take both hands and rub them together very rapidly a friction will be created which produces heat energy. Similarly, when ultrasound is passed through the affected area of patient on a ‘continuous’ mode, the same level of physiological change is happening and it affects on a deeper level within the structure being treated, for e.g. elbow, low back, leg etc.

The ultrasound energy works the best in moving the cells back to their actual position and forth deeper inside the tissues and creating heat. The heat usually results in other therapeutic benefits such as increased blood flow which often reduces pain during the treatment. Therapeutic ultrasound can significantly improve a person’s ability to enjoy life since it helps manage acute pain.

Ultrasound therapy is widely popular in Newport Beach and many patients is Newport Beach are now using therapeutic ultrasound as a substitute for alternative treatments of pain management like acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, and yoga. You can find modern ultrasonic machines in reputed therapeutic ultrasound Newport Beach clinics and the machines can also be set on ‘pulsed’ mode which is when the unit is turning off and on automatically. During the continuous mode, the ultrasound machine remains constantly on and acts as moving molecules. On the other hand, in pulsed mode the machine may be on for short periods of time such as on 20% of the time the continuous treatment is.

Most of the ultrasonic treatments are applied on continuous mode, since ultrasonic treatments are initiated with the desired effects of producing heat within the damaged tissues. However, “continuous” mode cannot be used in treating acute injury that may have occurred within the past 24-48 hours. This is because at that point the injured area of patient’s body is in an inflammatory process and additional heat is not beneficial to the healing in this state and additional heat may even irritate the patient. In acute stage ‘pulsed’ mode of therapeutic ultrasound is likely to be used in order to increase the physiological responses occurring due to the injury.

Continuous mode is beneficial after the initial injury since it is indicated for pain relief. Ultrasound therapy not only helps alleviate the pain, but it also accelerates the healing process.  Ultra sound waves usually help generating deep tissue vibration that provides tender heating to decrease pain and inflammation. The most rehabilitation benefits can be obtained by visiting the best therapeutic ultrasound Newport Beach clinics.

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