How To Crack Hardest JEE Main Questions

JEE Main is an engineering entrance exam which is taken by lakhs of students every year. This number has only further increased in the past few years. While the number of students applying for this course has not seen a proportionate increase in the number of seats and hence it has become a highly competitive exam.

Due to this the board has also raised the difficulty level of questions to ensure that the students who are deserve are the only ones who pass. This has resulted in a lot of discomfort among students and has demanded a great amount of additional efforts. Having said that, let us also tell you that JEE Mains is not as difficult as you think. With smart planning, disciplined efforts and high enthusiasm any Tom, Dick and Harry can clear JEE Mains.

You also should keep in mind that a difference of one mark in JEE Main gives you a jump of hundreds of ranks and hence you cannot take anything lightly over here. Here’s a few tip around how you can crack the most difficult questions in JEE Main:

How To Crack Hardest JEE Main Questions


A student who tops the country and secures the best seat, he did a few things differently, one out of those few things is that he was consistent in his plans.


We understand that in the world of numerous distractions it is hard to pay attention. Getting distracted is your right and you will rightfully claim it, however, when you claim on that right, there’s a corresponding duty that you have. That duty is to not get carried away by that distraction and repeat to your base in a timely manner

Conceptual Learning:

There’s something called as superficial learning. Which means “upar upar se padhna”, “ek baar dekh lia hai”, “thoda bohot ata hai, pura nai kia” so on and so forth. Conceptual learning is the exact opposite of this. It means you learn in depth,and never forget it.

Practice Past Papers:

This is one thing that most of the students intend to undertake but somehow they fail in doing it. This is an awesome place for referring past papers with analysis, answer keys and detailed solutions. Hence don’t waste your time and start working!

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