Common Mistakes That Will Make You Call A San Antonio Plumber

Atex Plumbing of San Antonio was recommended to us when we moved into our new home. After they did a splendid job with plumbing and routine jobs for our home, they surprised us with a gift of information and advice on mistakes to avoid making to keep them away and, therefore, save on plumbing bills. If we make these mistakes, we shall need a plumber, we were informed. I guess this is their plumbing version of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

The garbage disposal is not a trash compactor

In spite of the name it bears, not all garbage belongs inside the disposal. Most garbage items do not, yet many homeowners want to shove down waste till the blades stop turning. Technicians have had to remove pumpkin carvings, potato peels and watermelon rinds to free the blades.

Home owners are not always the culprits in this instant. Homeowners should make sure home guests do not dump everything down there during such occasions as house parties.

Fixtures and Weight 

Atex Plumbing technicians warn their clients not to put weight on plumbing fixtures. We are talking about not hanging shampoo racks from showerheads, not using bath-tub spouts as footrests and so on. These fixtures are not manufactured to have weight upon them. Weight will snap the shower-head right off at the threads.

Toys and household items down the toilet

Experienced technicians have numerous stories to tell about getting called to homes because someone flushed something bizarre or inappropriate down the toilet. This became especially common after the movie Monsters Inc was released.

Once items get stuck in the trap, a toilet has to be removed to retrieve them. Plunging worsens the situation by pushing the item into the waste-line where it gets stuck inside the waste line.

Let the water heater get ready 

Most homeowners and family members cannot seem to have the patience to wait to turn on a new electric water heater. If a water heater is turned on before it is filled up with water, it can easily burn up. This can be a very expensive mistake. The best practice that should be instilled in all the family members and guests is to fill it up with water, remove the bubbles by running water and then switching it on.

Construction stuff down drains

One gets a lovely sense of accomplishment on completing a do-it-yourself job such as giving a room a new coat of paint or filling holes in a wall. Cleaning or emptying the resulting construction materials in a sink can result in its back up since the materials could harden in the drain and block it.

In most cases, the liquid easily goes down the drain leaving the solids behind. Drain cleaner is not going to get rid of this.

A recommendation

Many other common mistakes that lead to calling for a plumber can be found in the company’s website This should not, however, prevent you from calling them when these issues arise for providing plumbing remedies is what they do.

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