Causes Of Low Testosterone Level In The Body

There are two basic reasons of low level of testosterone being produced in the body. One reason is the natural process of aging. When the body is young, testosterone level is also at its highest. But as the person ages, this level starts decreasing and it is a completely normal process. The highest level of testosterone is in adolescence. Other reason is not natural and is usually caused due to some infection or harm faced by the person. It may also be inherited from parents. This decrease in testosterone level is associated with the name hypogonadism. You can always refer to Denver testosterone clinics for the treatment of this deficiency.

Causes Of Low Testosterone Level In The Body

Hypogonadism may be of two types:

1. Primary
2. Secondary

Primary Hypogonadism:

Testosterone is produced by the testicles and when these testicles are not functioning well, primary hypogonadism is caused. So, the basic reason of primary hypogonadism is dysfunctioning of the testicles.

• One reason of primary hypogonadism is the failure of the testicles to move to their proper place before birth. If they do not move to their place before birth, this process may happen later in life. But it does not happen later too, then, the result is the low production of testosterone hence hypogonadism.
• Mumps can also cause hypogonadism. If testicles are affected in this disease, the normal testosterone production will be reduced and give birth to this disease.
• If the child has inherited more than one X chromosome, it will distress the required level of testosterone production.
• If a man has gone through radiation treatment for cancer, it can affect his testicles, as a result decreased production of testosterone. Infertility caused by this treatment is usually short-term and disappears with time.
• If the amount of iron present in the body is more than the required level, this may also affect the testosterone production ability of the testicles.
• If testicles face harm in any way, for example due to accident, it may cause them to produce insufficient amount of testosterone.

Secondary Hypogonadism:

As pituitary gland signals the testicles to produce testosterone, any problem in this gland affects its signaling to the testicles. In this condition, testicles are functioning properly but they do not receive signals from the brain to produce the required level of testosterone. Hence, the result is hypogonadism, but it is called secondary hypogonadism.

• If any tumor is present in or near the pituitary glands, this may affect their proper functioning hence the result is secondary hypogonadism.
• If a person is going through some kind of emotional tension, the affects will be on brain hence diminishing its ability to send signals to the testicles.
• As maintaining proper weight is essential for other body parts to function normally, same is true for the testosterone production. Denver testosterone clinics may help a person in the cure of this disease.
• HIV or AIDS is another cause of hypogonadism. It affects the brain functioning that reduces the testosterone production.
• Anything that causes hypothalamus to abnormally grow in size will affect its functioning hence causing hypogonadism.

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