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In today’s internet world, it’s quite usual and common to see people of all ages started to play escape the room games and it’s more popular among online games. Playing type of escape room games brings out the routine work and relieves out work stress. In the earlier period, people used to play the games by downloading online games from the internet and start to play. Those days are gone, now it’s more to play online without downloading any software’s and furthermore it’s absolutely free of cost choices to enjoy these games are becoming more popular. One who plays escape room games enjoys the thrills and funs even more. Wide choices are available to play different type of escape room games and free to choose your choice. Online games are popular, especially for its theme and concept to play. Must play the shooting games, player is decided to visit and they are not available on the spot and the player is locked inside the farm. There player finds something unusual and help to find the truck key and get escape out of the farm. Use the mouse to control the game, and read instructions before starts to play the game. Happy farms is the name of your farm where stuck to come out to find possible solutions to escape from it. When you get stuck without knowing to solve then the player has options to start by clicking menu buttons. Walk-through to see more games simply by choosing button more games in the game screen appeared. Try to find maximum objects hidden in the games and get possibilities to solve the puzzle. The game is really welcomed major groups of people and it’s really challenging to solve and escape out from the farm.

Numerous players become a fan for escape the room games and   increasing its popularity among the online gamers. Online games are more exciting and adventurous when compared to some other games. Stimulates brain power by solving puzzles and real challenge to find a solution for the game. Murder room is another variant of escape rooms and themes are specially designed and created by the topmost online game providing company. Free online games can also played in any android devices like iPod, tablet, and ipad etc. in this game the player has role of anonymous and finds trapped inside the room and it appears to be murderer defiling a body. In these game world players has to find best way to escape from the hazardous situation. Objects can be selected by tapping on them, and it picks automatically. Swiping the screen sides rotates the room on screen and this assist player to check various objects hidden in the room. Clicking on top and bottom allows the player either to zoom in or zoom out. Player has to complete in order to the right way to perform this task. Playing in dark room is really scary and some may find themes as extremely horror. In addition player has to collect coins for hints and forego through the game. Player has been hunted by killer and all need to do collect possible clues and escape out of the murder room. Realistic sound is produced according to the situation and scenes appear on the screen. Another story is the next level of this game, and it’s possible to open when the players completes the level with 100% of rating. Read the game rules and instructions about how to play. Using the maximize button players enables to play on full screen and its more realistic and panic while playing enjoys the real experience of gaming.

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