Financial Self-Care Tips for Smart Women

It’s all about the money. Yes, some people will argue that money is not everything, and that money and happiness do not sleep on the same bed, but when was the last time you went on a vacation without money? Or how well do you sleep without money? Not so well, we presume.  Here’s the truth: while many little things make us happy, we’re happier when we have a financial cushion to fall back on.

And the peace of mind that comes with being able to pay your bills and travel with your own money compares to nothing else. So, how do you take care of yourself in the financial sense? After all, self-care is not all about bubble baths, spa days, manicures and pedicures!

Save for the rainy days

You’ve heard this more times than you can count, but allow us to reiterate – create an emergency fund with enough money to take care of things for a few months should anything happen to you.

Life is quite unpredictable; you could lose your job or fall ill today. Basically, anything can happen, and you should be prepared for the worst. So, save up. Skip the weekly Friday drinks and take outs or shoes and put that money somewhere safe. You will be glad you did.

Now, we need to mention that when we talk about creating an emergency fund, we don’t just mean that you should have money to live off should something happen. We also mean that you should have some money stowed away should an investment opportunity come up. The money you put away could buy you some shares/ stock.

Weekly meal prep

Who are we kidding? Cooking every day after work is impossible. You might have had the worst of days at work, and you could be so tired and stressed out and hungry. Often, takeout and unhealthy snacks get you through the night. But, have you considered how much money and time you could save if you had food prepared for an entire week the week/ weekend before?

Meal prep is one of the biggest savers of money, and it’s also a way of making sure that your body is well nourished. You need to eat healthy food is you want your body to work for you. You cannot run on an empty tank, and your body will not take well the idea of nutrient deficient meals. Meal prep takes care of two things at the same time – your money and health.

Remember that meal prep often means that you have a healthy/ nutritious breakfast, supper, and dinner.

And speaking of taking care of your body, exercise, and stay hydrated.

Have a plan

If you wish to one day own one of the new homes in Milton Ontario, you must have a specific plan on how to achieve your goal. Think of some of the things you could set in motion today to guide you in that direction. You only live once, why live with regrets when you can work hard for your definition of a great life today. Don’t listen to the crowd. They’ll look at you with envy years from now.

Check in with your money

Is that discretionary purchase a want or a need? Will a purchase be a mood trigger for you? Or is this purchase taking me closer or farther away from my financial/ health goals? Such questions will help you make the right decisions when it comes to money.

Finally, don’t blow your bonus. Perhaps you could put it away in your retirement savings account.

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