Let’s sell my RV and move on to a newer model. Has the idea cropped up in your mind recently? If yes, you might have started to prepare your rig for the staging.  You must have cleaned it, got rid of all the clutter, and made a few upgrades by now. But have you considered revamping the security of your mobile home? Know what? Investing in motor home security systems can help sell your rig faster and at a better price. Not convinced? You will once you have reached the end of this article. Let’s begin:

A Security Upgrade Gives Your Prospects an Understanding of Your Rig’s Benefits

When it comes to buying a motor home, buyers always prefer to invest in a unit that is safe and secure. When you are trying to sell your motor home quickly, you would certainly want to make it stand out from the others on a listing site. And revamping the security of your home-on-wheels is a great way to make that happen.

Your Security Improvements Will Help Buyers

When it comes to keeping their children safe on the road or keeping miscreants away when their RVs are parked in the driveway, buyers don’t mind a higher price tag for the items that are expected to give them optimum safety.  Instead, they would appreciate the fact that you have already taken the pain to install the security items they would have otherwise opted for, subsequently saving them a lot of time and money.  Whether you replaced the old lock and hitch with new ones, or installed a sophisticated growler or electronic alarm system, or added sensors to the entry points, make a list of all security upgrades you’ve made and hand it over to prospective buyers.

Ramped-Up Security Increase the Perceived Value of Your RV

Be it that electronic door lock or the steering wheel lock, be it the burglar alarm or the security handrail, these safety features give buyers an immense sense of security, which in turn helps increase the perceived value of your motor home. If you already have a security system, check with the manufacturer to find out what additional features or services you can add to it. An extended security suite might be a feature your potential buyers are looking for.

Sophisticated Security Features Help Buyers Save Money

Specialized RV insurance is a combination of automobile and homeowners’ insurance. Just like a home, premiums for RVs vary greatly according to their value. For example, insurance premiums may depend on an RV’s safety features.  Insurers generally offer great discounts if a motor home has a good security system. Many companies offer premium discounts for installing extra security features in your mobile home. That means a substantial amount of money, and undeniably a great selling point. If you have a security upgrade in your mind, first research the insurance policies. Try to find what kind of security enhancements may help lower the premiums. Accordingly, invest in the right security systems. When showing your motor home to prospective buyers let them know how much they will be able to save by purchasing your RV.

Hundreds of RV owners who want to sell their RV and move on to a newer model are faced with the challenge of solving this riddleHow to sell my RV quickly and for a fair price? Well, there are several ways to get to the bottom of it – security enhancement is one of them. We have already told you how a safe and secure rig makes buyers feel confident about their potential purchase. Therefore bolster the security of your motor home and play the card well to market it before your prospective buyers.

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