How To Make Colored Smoke Balls?

How To Make Colored Smoke Balls?

The commercial smoke bombs and smoke balls that are available in the market are made out of potassium chlorate, sugar, and sodium bicarbonate, and a powdered organic dye. When the smoke bomb is burned, the chemicals react to produce white smoke and heat which are ejected through the small holes on the smoke bomb. Though it is not possible to create similar commercial smoke bombs at home, you can create an effective smoke bomb though.

Here is one of the simplest and also the fastest procedure for making colored smoke balls and smoke bombs.

Take 3 tablespoons of potassium nitrate, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 teaspoon baking soda, tablespoons of powdered organic dye, cardboard tube, duct tape, pen, pencil, fireworks fuse, cotton, and a saucepan.

First prepare the colored smoke bomb mixture. Mix potassium nitrate and sugar in a saucepan and put the saucepan over low heat. Keep the ratio 3:2. For the sake of convenience, mix 3 tablespoons and 2 tablespoons of potassium nitrate and sugar respectively. The sugar will carmelize and brown. Stir the mixture continuously till it starts resembling smooth peanut butter.

Remove the mixture from the heat and add in a spoonful of baking soda. Baking soda is required for slowing down the combustion when the smoke bomb is ignited. Now add 3 tablespoons of powdered organic dye. You can choose any color but it is believed that blue and orange dyes produce the best possible result. Stir the mixture until it mixes well.

Make the smoke bombs while the mixture is still hot and pliable.

Take a cardboard tube and fill the smoke bomb mixture that you have prepared. Insert a pen or pencil into the center of the mix. Leave the mixture for an hour until it hardens. Take out the pen and insert a firework fuse. Put cotton balls in to this hole to ensure that the fuse has inserted securely inside the smoke ball. Take a duct tape and wrap the smoke ball. Cover the top and bottom of the smoke ball but leave the area where there is hole with the cotton and fuse uncovered.

Your smoke bomb is ready. Go outside and light it up to enjoy it with your friends and family.

Smoke bombs and smoke balls are safe, easy to make, and a lot of fun. You can make your own smoke fireworks or you can buy them to add fun and beauty to your special occasions.

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