Things You Must Know About The Structure Of History Assignment

Structure of an Assignment

Structure is one of those elements that play a crucial role in the success of any assignment. It organizes the data in their respective sections and makes a paper readable and understandable for the readers.

Structuring an assignment is not essay as you need to take care of a lot of things. Discussed below are; some history assignment writing tips about structuring your paper. By following these tips, you can easily structure your paper properly:

Things You Must Know About The Structure Of History Assignment


This is the first section of any paper which provides an overview of the whole paper to the readers so that they can know what the paper is all about. It contains information about the background of the topic, the reasons that lead you towards the selection of your topic and also the important points of your argument. An introduction usually contains the 10% of the whole document. It needs to be written in a brief and precise manner. There should not be included any kind of unnecessary details in your introduction. Highlight the following points in your paper’s introduction:

  • Background information about the topic
  • Reasons that lead you towards choosing this specific topic
  • The importance of writing a paper about it
  • Important points that you have discussed ahead in your paper
  • Definition of difficult terminologies that your readers might not understand

Main Body:

This is the central part of a paper. It contains the main idea, discussion or argument and needs to be written in the most effective manner because the success of a paper depends on it. The main body is usually written in the form of paragraphs, all of which include evidences and examples that support the argument or the discussion. You must highlight the following points in your main body:

  • Main idea, argument or discussion you have raised in your paper
  • Evidences that support your argument along with examples and explain how they support your point
  • Concluding sentence

Things You Must Know About The Structure Of History Assignment


This is the last section of the paper or also called the ending point of any paper. It includes a summary of the whole paper. It also holds about 10% of the paper this is why it needs to be written in a brief manner. The conclusion usually talks about what has already been discussed earlier in the paper. There is no new information presented in this section. Highlight the following points in your conclusion:

  • Important points of the paper regarding the main argument or discussion
  • Conclusion that is derived on the basis of the evidences

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