Some Common Myths Debunked With Regards To Chemotherapy

All round the world, doctors have been advocating patient’s chemotherapy for treatment of cancer. This is to cure different ailments as well. But still patients have not responded full-fledged to the used of these drugs with possible side effects looming in the corner. This is having due consideration on the fact on how effective this form of treatment can work out to be.

The main objective of chemotherapy is for cancer treatment. It is a life changing decision and a mere thought of a person suffering from it would shake up a person, let alone an individual suffering from it. The correct diagnosis at a proper time is the key to diagnose it and it is often administered through chemotherapy, radiation or other forms of drug therapy.

The possible side effects of chemotherapy

Just as in the case of any other drug, chemotherapy does have its own side effects. But the point of consideration is that not all patients are part of these side effects. Such is the situation that some of the patients may not even experience any side effects of chemotherapy.

A few healthy cells in the body could be advocated by chemotherapy. Some of the normal cells that are likely to be affected by this form of treatment include the hair follicles and the cells of the bone marrow, digestive tract or the reproductive system. The impact which this form of treatment is bound to have is dependent on the intensity and the type of treatment which is being used. Most of the patients are worried about the possible side effects that might emerge once the treatment is over.  The possible side effects include fatigue, problems related to the mouth or throat. This could be accompanied by frequent mood swings as well. The side effects of this treatment might not be as bad as it seem to some class of people.

Some myths about chemotherapy

  • Each and every patient who is part of chemotherapy goes on to suffer hair loss- this does send a cause of false alarm that most people are likely to believe. A few drugs could lead to thinning of hair, but loss of hair is something unheard off. In modern times the medicines go on to target the cancer cells, whereby leaving all the other parts of the body that is known to multiply rapidly
  • Men and women generally tend to lose their fertility power due to chemotherapy- this is one of the myths that still a lot of people believe. Once upon a time this myth could have been true, but sadly this is not the case in modern times. Advances in medical science do allow the patients to conceive with the use of chemotherapy. All possible efforts are being made by the medical staff to retain the fertility aspect during treatment.

Chemotherapy in India is a sensible choice because of the quality of the treatment provided. In this regard the surgeons are of the top draw.

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