Knowing More About The Different Mobile Development Environments

Knowing More About The Different Mobile Development Environments

Safe and the established players in business of mobile application development have been disrupted by software giants such as Google. New arrival like Android has brought in structural changes on future of mobile application development by their rules. Additional opportunities have been brought by the changed environment but have added some constraints. Developers are now required to assess the options available and workout the way of getting benefitted.

Mobile computing has become popular with application developers but much has been done in examining the comfortable programming of such technologies. We shall discuss about Android and the Windows Mobile, two mobile development environments and assess the options from point of view of developer.


Android was release in 2007 by Google as platform for the mobile software development meant for smart phones. Android platform got released as part of Open Handset Alliance. Android is Linux based operating system for the mobiles. With this system the developers are able to create the managed codes in Java by making use of Java libraries that have been developed by Google. Besides providing mobile operating system that includes development environment, Android offers custom virtual machine called Dalvik Virtual Machine for running the applications and act as middleware between operating system and code. Android helps use of 2D, 3D graphic libraries, 3G, Edge and WLAN and customized SQL engine. Amazon India coupons for mobiles are available to get an android at good prices.

Windows Mobile

Window Mobile, developed by Microsoft is operating system for the mobile devices. This operating system is used in many smart phones, touch screen devices and PDAs. It helps in creation of the custom written application in native and managed codes. Application Programming Interface has rich features.  It takes advantage of capabilities provided by the Microsoft.Net environment. You can avail Snapdeal offers for buying a Windows mobile.

These platforms will be compared and weaknesses and strength will be examined closely. The comparison will be o basis of performance and implementation aspects as developer support. These criteria for comparison have been selected being important aspects concerning mobile software developers.


Persistent storage will be used as basis for comparing implementation aspect. Technology used varies between different mobile developments environments. Android and Windows Mobile are able to use on-device database that facilitates simpler manipulation and extraction of data. For local file storage both environments support memory cards for extra storage space. Difference is in manner the storage space is exploited.

While applications cannot be installed on the memory cards by Android, Windows Mobile permits it. Both have relational database. In both theses platforms libraries have many useful features. After initialization of libraries, access to the database is there via object oriented interface that can be accessed by developers.

Main strength of the Windows Mobile is in close connection with Microsoft, a sole vendor. Android distributes apps through Android market. Being product of Microsoft, Windows Mobile development platform is Visual Studio based which relies on Windows operating system. So the choice is not there. Google offers Eclipse plug in. The developers do not get locked in Eclipse because Netbeans and IntelliJ IDEA provide the development support. No matter which one you pick, do check out for latest deals and coupons.

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