Is Self-check-out In Supermarkets Approaching Sloping Stage?

According to advancement in technology the supermarket industry is steadily approaching tipping stage whereby almost every store, especially in the developed countries, they have embraced the use of self-check-out kiosks. This has seen the use of these kiosks even in the grocery segment and other departmental stores. Every supermarket that comes up in these modern days, they must create a small space for placing the kiosks. This has over the recent past moved from just being used in the supermarkets and other big retail stores to smaller convenience stores. Although these convenience stores cannot outgrow the use of kiosks in the supermarkets, they are steadily growing and they don’t seem to slow down at all.

Despite the growing use of kiosks, they have not gone to all places as it should as some people take longer to embrace the self-check-out system.

What could cause the sloping of self-check-out system in the supermarkets?

There are several reasons that bring about the tipping of the use of self-check-out kiosks. Such as:

Double-digit growth: The use of self-check-out system has result to the growth of revenue and customer satisfaction worldwide. The key driver to the success is that many customers try to avoid long queues thus they come to use these systems. Many chain stores tend to use low-cost kiosks which are card readers. They have established this especially in a queue that has less than 15 items of purchase. Instead they could install simple and cashless self-check-out terminals and they could cost way much less than what the kiosks in use are costing.

Customer behavior: Customers have very high expectations of getting positive experience from the use of self-check-out kiosks and businesses should strive to ensure that the kiosks are easy to use. Customers make decisions based on the experience they got from the kiosks. There need to be a staff to guide the clients who may have difficulties in using the kiosks.

Choice: Shopping in a supermarket should enable the clients to make a choice of how they want to shop. It can be through self-check-out systems, staffed check-out, or through mobile applications.

New Technology: Retailers are increasingly using digital coupons unlike the traditional paper coupons. For a self-check-out system in a supermarket, it is important to enable the users to scan coupons from their smart phones and/or tablets. There is an expectation that the customer will have a personalized services and use of the loyalty cards when shopping enables the supermarket to learn the buying behavior of the client. As technology advances, it is important to keep on updating the software in use. The better the technology, the better the customer experience and the more it will push the supermarket to the tipping point.

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