Linen Cleaning Services Deliver A Great Return On Your Investment

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Worried about having your linens nicely cleaned and pressed before the guests at your hotel arrive? Or maybe you are a brand new catering service struggling to scrape together the time to remove stains from aprons, fix trouser tears, and sew new buttons on chef jackets. These are only two of the many situations where a linen cleaning company can step in and remove these time-consuming tasks from your life.

The only problem most businesses face is the cost factor. After all, isn’t doing your own laundry far more cost effective than having to hire a third party to do it for you? The answer is, ‘not necessarily.’ In fact, most businesses find that hiring a linen rental and cleaning company turns out to deliver a fantastic return on their investment, and it can particularly benefit struggling start-ups because of our first point listed below.

Save on Linens

The cost of linens is staggering. From bar towels and napkins to duvets, chef coats, and beyond, businesses that rely on linens must sink thousands upon thousands of dollars of their business start-up capital in linens in order to be a success. With the majority of new businesses failing within five to 10 years, this daunting investment often leads to business owners having an unwanted surplus of useless linens on their hands.

The majority of linen hire companies will not only wash and press your linens for you, but they will also extend the opportunity for you to rent top of the line linens from them. Look around and check into your options, as one company may offer linens which speak more to your brand and its messaging than others. A select few may even offer to embroider these linens for hire, such as including the name of your restaurant on the chef jacket or the uniform for your spa personnel.

Save on Petrol

There is no question that the cost of petrol is skyrocketing by the year. If you are currently doing your own laundry at home or at a laundromat, tally in the amount of petrol you are using to travel to and from these places. You may be shocked to find that you are wasting hundreds of pounds simply carting your linens around in your vehicle.

The solution is to hire a linen cleaning company. Not only will these companies pick up your linens at the same pre-determined time, but they will also drop it off for you. This saves you on petrol expenses, and it saves you the stress of wondering when and if your linens will arrive on time.

  • Take care when hiring your linen rental and cleaning company. The above benefits will only be enjoyed by business owners who take the time to hire a linen company with a reputation for being on time, providing superior customer service, and being flexible. Do your research and check references before entrusting a linen company with your business.

Save on Utilities

If you are currently cleaning your linens at home, you have undoubtedly noticed a substantial hike in your utility bills. Both water and electricity are needed in order to keep those washers and dryers running, often well into the middle of the night, so that your linens are fresh and ready to go the next morning.

A company that cleans and provides linens is able to enjoy a reduced cost in utilities because they use large industrial size machines that can handle bigger loads and are more energy efficient than most residential machines. They pass these savings on to their customers, which in turn saves you on your monthly utility bill.

Save On Stress

The business world is fast-paced and waits for no one, which is why many entrepreneurs and business owners feel stressed when needing to handle and manage their linens. Not only do you need to make sure that your linens are crisp and fresh, but you need to make sure that they are in fantastic shape. A missing button, a broken zipper, a torn sheet and other mishaps may demand immediate attention, especially if you do not have replacement linens immediately on hand (or the finances to purchase new pieces).

A linen service will have this all covered for you. Any damage to the linens will be swiftly taken care of by them, and a reputable company will have a number of appropriate replacement pieces available. Because they will have such a selection of rental linens to choose from, you can easily outfit yourself and your staff as necessary.

  • If a new employee joins your team, the linen company will be able to provide him or her with appropriately sized clothing
  • If you are hosting a special event, you may be able to request different linens such as different coloured table clothes, seat covers, and shirts for your waiters and waitresses
  • If you have a complaint about the linen or linens received, the linen service should be able to quickly take care of the issue for you and offer replacement linens

Save Your Business

There are many ways in which a linen company can actually help save your business. The first and most obvious is that qualified linen cleaning companies will ensure that all of your linens are cleaned according to regulated standards. This is particularly true if your linens will be in contact with bodily fluids, such as in a medical facility or spa. Should you have linens in your place of business which are not up to code, you may be severely penalized or lose your business license.

Another often overlooked way in which linen cleaning businesses can help you save your own is that you are able to place a greater focus on your company. Rather than waste time commuting to and from a laundromat, mending damaged linens, or researching where you should be purchasing replacement pieces, you can concentrate on your business strategy while someone else takes care of the more menial but meaningful tasks.

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