Best Apps to make your feed visually appealing that helps to grow your Instagram audience

A visually appealing feed is the key elements that make your first impression. If you have not good photography skills then don’t fret because there are a lot of awesome apps that help you to edit your edit and make it alluring. Now it’s time to make your feed look incredibly amazing using some apps for photos and videos.

In order to grow your account, aesthetics play a major role and the following apps for photo editing and video making are a perfect choice for you. It is a good way to gain followers organically. This guide will help you to choose the best apps to make your visuals more captivating and make your videos more creative. Read on to learn more!

Photo Editing Apps


On Instagram, VSCO is famous for various good reason and its branded hashtags. It is one of the best and powerful photo editing app that is available on Android and iOS. Moreover, it has free filters, a lot of photo packs and paid filters available too. You can use this app to edit your selfies, moody pictures, nature photos etc.


Snapseed is created by Google that is photo editing app for touching up the certain part of your picture. It is available on both iOS and Android. However, Snapseed’ filter is not as good as compared to the VSCO. But it has powerful editing feature. For instance, you can darken or brighten the specific part of your photo and you can increase or decrease the temperature, saturation, and exposure with the help of brush tool (using your fingers)

A Color Story:

A color story is perfect for you if you want to make your photo more colorful and bright. It is a free app and available on iOS. A Beautiful Mess created this app creating colorful photos. It is the best photo editing app for adding the bright whites in your photos. You can use its filters for free of cost but you need to pay for photo packs.

Apps for Making Instagram Videos


iMovie is the best app to create a short video with more advanced controls. You can add filters and effects e.g. you can enhance the video with split screen, slow motion and fast forward effects.

Hyperlapse by Instagram:

Videos are most watches media on Instagram and you need to create an interesting and creative video to grab the attention of people. You can run video ad or buy followers to increase your following count. But all you need to make perfect videos to entice the audience and Hyperlapse is a perfect app to use. It is free and available for iOS users that let the people create a video (time lapse) on your smartphone. Time-lapse video is basically a series of still shots (for the specific time period) and then assemble together to create a video.  You don’t need to keep your hands still to record the video because this app has image stabilization.

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