5 Ways to Stay Fit During the Work Day

5 Ways to Stay Fit During the Work DayDiet and exercise are incredibly important to living and maintaining a healthy life. Those who work at a desk job often sit for more than 9 hours a day, which can increase the body’s risk for obesity and muscle pain as well as change the body’s metabolic rate.


While it is an impossible reality for people to quit their desk jobs in favor of working a more physically active job, there are ways people can live a more active lifestyle during the work day.


Here are 5 tips:


  1. Hydration

It’s easy to drink coffee all day long while at the office, as there is usually always a pot brewing in the break room. While there are benefits to drinking coffee, coffee does not hydrate the body. While those who work physically demanding jobs often feel the need to hydrate, as their bodies are thirsty, those who work at a desk during the day do not often feel thirsty, thereby not drinking enough water during the day.


A lack of water not only fatigues the body, it can also slow down the body’s metabolic rate. Additionally, being dehydrated can lead to other severe health issues, which should be checked out by a physician. If you are not enrolled in healthcare, you could potentially be facing a tax penalty, which is not only expensive, forgoing healthcare can make it a lot more challenging to see a doctor. Use an obamacare penalty calculator to check your penalty status, and then look into enrolling in a healthcare program.


  1. The Stairs

If your office or parking structure has stairs, make it a habit to take them every day instead of using the elevator. The added exercise can help combat the amount of inactivity your body faces while sitting in your office chair. Additionally, as an added benefit, the stairs are incredibly beneficial to toning the lower half of your body.


  1. Breaks

While there are moments when you cannot get away from your desk, if possible, try to take a break every couple of hours. During those moments, take the time to walk around the office, stretch your muscles, and get moving. On your lunch break, instead of driving to the nearest lunch spot, if possible, walk to it instead. Or, if you brought your lunch, after you have finished, take a walk around the outside of your building. Not only is it good for your heart, the fresh air can help you clear your mind, being more productive and alert throughout the rest of the day.


  1. Chair Exercises

There are a few chair exercises you can do at your desk that do not require too much exertion. For instance, stretching your leg out in front of you and flexing is a great way to release the tension in your muscles.


  1. Posture

It is simple to slouch while sitting at a desk; however, poor posture can lead to back pain, tense muscles, and other health issues. Sit up straight during the day, and make sure to stretch your back regularly.


These tips can help you stay active during the work day.


Image Source: https://pixabay.com/en/office-freelancer-computer-business-620823/

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