Height Adjustable Desks – Are They Really Useful?

Rigid desks at the workplace can be a big problem not just for the tall employees but the short ones too. They hinder the accessibility and productivity at your workplace thus being detrimental to a company’s progress.

You spend half of your day at the office, so comfort level and an ease of functioning is of prime importance. So height adjustable desks are the next big thing. They effectively address this situation and can help make work easy for people of all shapes and sizes.

What exactly is a Height Adjustable Desk?

A height adjustable desk is basically a flexible desk with an option of increasing or decreasing the height as per the required level through simple mechanical tools like:

– Twisting a handle

– A lever system

– A more automatic push button system that kicks off a motor to adjust the height.

What makes Height Adjustable Desks better than Simple Desks?

A conventional work desk will not give you an accessible work ethic and also protect you from any strain on your back which might cause many injuries and musculoskeletal problems.

Moreover, you sit at a favourable posture, and your back is not at risk. You also manage to stay away from fatigue resulting from being too long in the workplace.

You do have different height adjustable desks to choose from, and you can get one that you need. For instance, you might want an height adjustable desk that’s flexible – which helps you get more comfort.

If you experience discomfort while sitting, you can change your position to sit and stand while working, which can accentuate the blood circulation and make you feel better.

How Does a Height Adjusting Desk Benefit Your Health?

You can’t specify a particular height for your workplace. But constantly changing your position for various tasks can go a long way in maintaining musculoskeletal health and posture.

Your pelvis will be more relaxed and so will your shoulder and back muscles. This will enhance your comfort at the workplace, and you will no longer feel tired and lazy by being at the same position for hours at a stretch.

As a result, you feel more active at work and can accomplish more targets in a stipulated work slot. And all this, without going back home tired and strained.

  • We are all crafted in different ways. A rigid specification for a desk will not be able to do justice to our body structures.
  • Tall people need more leg room, while short people need a lesser height for their desks.
  • And the blood stagnation and muscle spasticity are avoided through these desks.

In retrospect, these desks are a gift to the professional world and contribute significantly to the productivity and revenue of an organization as well the well-being of the professionals while shattering the age-old custom of sitting in one spot and working off.

Which Company Should You Buy From?

Many international companies now manufacture adjustable height desks. One of these companies goes by the name of Sedus, which is a German company, established in 1871 and catering to the office furniture industry since a very long time and building an enviable reputation in this arena.

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