What Am I Entitled To After A Car Accident In Nassau County

What Am I Entitled To After A Car Accident In Nassau County

The latest data from the motor vehicle traffic crash statistics for New York state residents reports that from 2012 to 2014 the annual average of the aftermath of traffic injuries in New York state as follows:

Emergency room visits 136,913 | Nassau accounts for 10,100
Hospitalizations 12,093 | Nassau accounts for 998
Deaths 1,098 | Nassau accounts for 75

Analyzing these stats we see that there was a weekly traffic-related accident in Nassau County averaging at:
842 people treated in the emergency room, 83 people who were hospitalized, and 6 deaths.

Car accidents are life jarring experiences that don’t end when the vehicles stop. The financial aspect involved in getting back to life, as usual, can be costly not to mention the pain of the injuries incurred during the accident.

Your first move after being checked out by a trained medical professional should be to contact a personal injury lawyer. Nassau County currently has hundreds of personal injury lawyers that could consult you on your particular case.

What Are You Entitled To?

The financial burden associated with car accidents can accumulate and accumulate fast. In fact, in 2014 alone the cost associated with accidents in Nassau County was as follows:
*$42.8 million in emergency room visits
*$54.1 million in hospitalizations (with about $2.7 million from government-provided programs such as Medicare and other entities)
*Untold amounts in death-related costs

When it comes to personal injury lawyers in nassau county who should you hire when there seem to be so many qualified personal injury lawyers? Allow us to introduce our guide to –

How To Acquire The Right Personal Injury Lawyer:

1. Research the topic and law
2. Build a list of potential law firms that specialize in your injury
3. Vet all candidates to trim your list of eligibility
4. Make sure you have all your documents and questions ready prior to meeting with your potential personal injury lawyer.
5. After you have at least 3 law firms you feel confident in, contact them and go in for a consultation (A lot of personal injuries law firms offer a free consultation).

How Do I Know That My Case Is Actionable?

The criteria necessary for you to be eligible to take legal action is based on several things. Among other factors, you must examine traffic laws, if one of the parties involved in the accident broke a law and cause harm in the process. Finances are taken into consideration particularly in regards to the monies associated with the accident. Physical, mental, and emotional pain and trauma can be a lifelong ordeal so make sure you get the proper representation when you step into the courtroom.

A few of the element of damages that you may be entitled to are:

Medical Bills
Property Damage
Pain and Suffering
Lost Wages
Punitive Damages etc.

By hiring an expert car accident attorney, you can receive the best compensation that you deserve and at the right time!

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