Myths surrounding your stage of pregnancy

Pregnancy does pose to be an exciting time of your life. But this is a time where advice can pour in from all quarters where you might be in a state of confusion. Just like skin disorders during pregnancy you are not aware on where to proceed. But pregnancy skin disorders medication could provide relief but some myths are simply hard to believe.


Sex is forbidden when you are pregnant

Most doctors are of the opinion that you need to refrain from sex for the first 3 months. But during the other trimesters it is rated to be safe. Due to an increase in hormone levels many women feel the urge to have sex. The fetues are protected by layers of tissues so intercourse is not going to cause any major harm. Till your doctor has asked you to refrain from sex you can continue with intercourse with your partner.

Genetic defects could arise due to eclipses

Palates do arise due to genetic issues which are factors predisposing. In intermarriages this is mostly come across. You cannot term that they are related to the eclipses of the moon or the sun in any way.

For easy delivery or labor consumption of ghee

Mothers do advise you to consume ghee in copious amount, as effect of ghee is seen to bury the birth canal. This can make the process of delivery to be smooth. This is a myth that does not have any value as if you consume excess ghee you are going to put in too much of weight and nothing else to be honest. The duration or severity of labor does vary from one woman to another but consumption of ghee is not going to find any takers.

As per the sex position you can outline sex of your baby

Most women would confer the fact that sex of a baby can be determined as per the sexual position during intercourse. This can be true, but no logic exists that you can outline the gender of a baby by a sex position.

In carrying the baby low or high you can imply sex of your baby

One of the common myths that surrounds pregnancy which is really hard to derive logic. Based on the position of your foetus the body is expected to undergo considerable changes. The fat that is deposited around the abdomen does outline the size along with shape of the mother. No possibility exists of holding the baby too high or low that is a myth that still surrounds pregnant women.

To determine sex of your baby morning sickness has a role to play

The sex of a baby is not determined by morning sickness. This is a condition that triggers due to consumption of certain medications or if you feel sick in case you happen to be lying down on an empty stomach. No way has morning sickness established a relation with the sex of your baby.

These are some common myths during pregnancy.

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